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30 Days Jack Hath Wrought October 9, 2007

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That’s the sentence of someone who has pissed off a judge before.

We don’t have time for the sentences!

Washington Post and CNN – Decreasing Casualties is Not News October 7, 2007

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It’s not a trend.  It might not even be true, who knows how they count all those deaths?

It’s staggering that they do not see this for what it is.

Bleg, for BMac’s dog September 20, 2007

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Second round of chemo, after a while of remission.

Help if you can.  We get so attached to these critters, yes we do.  And they get so attached to us.

Except for friggin beagles.

The Dave in Texas Acepalooza Post September 17, 2007

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I am so behind.

Ok, a few pics, a few anecdotes, fond remembrances.

Got in Friday about 4:45.  First flight cancelled, second not so late after that one so no big.

Driver’s license expired on my birthday 2 weeks ago.  Yeesh.  Normally Texas is kind enough to send me a letter, I’ll look around for it.  But I had my passport so NBD.

Great, great time.  With everyone, ace, Slublog, lauraw and Mr. W, spongeworthy (who cracked me up all weekend long), and everyone I met… goodness I will not remember you all and I apologize if I miss a name… US Citizen, someone and someone2, Hutch1200, Stumbo, Rocketeer and Farmer Joe, S. Weasel, AndrewR, others whose names I may not be authorized to release…. oh God I’m sucking at this now and not remembering names… shit.

Goodness, there were even lurkers there who don’t comment, hi Michelle and Steve!

It’s kinda weird to meet people you’ve talked to online before but never met.  Never even spoken to.

Nice, cause they’re all nice people.  Weird, cause, hell I don’t know, I can’t find a life’s experience to compare it to.

Sue me.

Friday night I met up with ace and spongeworthy, and we watched the Yankees come back from a 7-2 drop, and I did my best to hang with them, but I had to let them shut it down… too tired to run with those dogs.

Saturday I got up (late) and thought I should show up at the USS Constitution, since I offered it up.  And none of you bastards did (or I missed you, in which case I apologize).  I read the directions to get there from the Green Line and they said nothing about walking a mile and a half after you get off the T.

But that’s what I did.

It looked like this (overcast, rainy morning).


and this


As I crossed back over the highway I took a picture of the interesting bridge.


I headed back and it rained on me, but me and my boots held up just fine.  Grabbed a bite of lunch and started to take a nap and the phone rang, Slublog was there.

So I put away the panda porn and invited him up.  We visited for a bit, then we walked out to the Commons, and did Ron Paul research and Weedstock ’07 research.  It was a beautiful afternoon in Boston, the rain moved out and it was sunny and cool.

Saturday night we met up with lauraw and Mr. W, spongeworthy, and ace, and had dinner before the Palooza.  Lauraw had the Paul Anka backstage pass that RG sent her, which was awesome, and we passed those around and laughed.  Ace found a paper clip somewhere and kept that on the pocket of his shirt for the rest of the evening.  Dinner was quite nice.

Then we hit the place for the palooza, and without giving up too much, the folks there totally screwed up and overbooked.  ace got in somebody’s face, and they made adequate space for us, so no big.  It probably was more complicated than that, but I’ve learned that when it doesn’t need me involved, I get out of the way.  And my involvement was not needed.

So we met a bunch of nice people.  As you’d expect, all pleasant, all friendly… and all smiles.  Another nice remembrance, I mean, I expected it to be that way, and still, when you’re shaking somebody’s hand and saying “ok, who are you” and they grin and say “I’m Rocketeer”, you just beam and laugh and connect a face with a name that you’ve joked around with for over a year.  It was funny, and it was pleasant.

I got hugged.  I shaked hands.  People bought me a drink, slapped me on the back, asked me about my life.  And we all grinned as S. Weasel found a wireless connection and put up a live blog post. 

And Bart got there.  He missed lauraw and Mr. W, they had a long drive back and had just left.   We had a nice visit though.

ace expressed some appreciation today, which is different from my own, cause it was a different experience for him, about kind hearted people who wish him well, about the “utterly undeserved kindness of strangers”, and he expressed it quite nicely.  For me it was just enjoying the company of people I have laughed or ranted with online (or sometimes irritated).

It was a lot of fun, and I’m really glad I made the run.

There were an awful lot of folks who I think kindly about who couldn’t make it, and I send you all my regards, and hope you make the next one.

And even if you don’t, please make lots of comments on my moron-posts at AoS.  We’re on a quota system now and JackM is busting my balls with these poems.

Kevin Everett moved his arms and legs today September 11, 2007

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Voluntarily moved those.

This morning they were painting a much more grim picture.

God grant him healing.

Geraldo Rivera, Tough Guy September 2, 2007

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How tough?  Why, if he ever saw that vile Michelle Malkin in New York, he’d just spit on her.

Let that sink in for a minute, and then let’s ask ourselves a question.

What kind of pussy threatens to spit on a woman?  For a guy that whines and bitches about “the hate” that fuels the discourse, he openly admits he’d spit on a woman he hates?

You’re a media clown pal, and you’re so wrapped up in yourself you can’t even see it.  You’re almost Sullivan-esque in your ability to contradict yourself in record-setting time, but until now I hadn’t seen you prick your machismo with such an embarrasingly girly threat.  Now you’re just a regular clown, like the rest of us.  Well done sir, very well done.

You go girl.

Sicherheit schaffen – Swiss Political Party Proposes Tougher Deportation Policy September 1, 2007

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“For more security”.  The Swiss Peoples Party (their largest political party) is drawing fire for evoking Nazi-like and Stalinist “purges” for their recommendation that immigrants convicted of crimes should be deported along with their families.

One of the most contentious subjects is a poster of the program, which depicts three white sheep kicking out a black sheep.  They are attempting to collect the 100,000 signatures necessary to force a referendum.

Well, yeah, I can see how some people would interpret that poster with a double meaning.  But listen to how much sense they’re making.

“We believe that parents are responsible for bringing up their children. If they can’t do it properly, they will have to bear the consequences,” Ueli Maurer, president of the People’s Party, told The Associated Press.

Shut. Up.  They are?

He explained that his party has long campaigned to make deportation compulsory for convicted immigrants rather than an optional and rarely applied punishment.

The party claims foreigners — who make up about 20 percent of the population — are four times more likely to commit crimes than Swiss nationals.

I’ll be interesting to see if they can force a vote, and even more interesting to see how the vote goes.

I think I know how.

Holy Crap! Giant Spider Web in East Texas August 30, 2007

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Entomologists (bug doctors) scratching their head over the discovery of a frickin ginormous spider web found in a state park in Northeast Texas

“At first, it was so white it looked like fairyland,” said Donna Garde, superintendent of the park about 45 miles east of Dallas. “Now it’s filled with so many mosquitoes that it’s turned a little brown. There are times you can literally hear the screech of millions of mosquitoes caught in those webs.”

I’d love to hear the little bastards screaming in pain for a while, they’ve been eating my lunch all summer.

Thanks to lauraw, who has spider eating wrens infesting her back yard.  You know.  The place where flowers manage to survive somehow, which I frankly can’t understand at all.

EU asks Texas Governor Rick Perry to Suspend Capital Punishment August 27, 2007

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Governor Goodhair to EU: Blow me.

Governor Goodhair to Johnny Ray Conner:  Adios, mofo.

John McCain: Life isn’t fair August 17, 2007

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McCain feeds media spin that his campaign faltered because of his support for Bush’s Iraq strategy.

Nothing to do with that immigration reform thingy that almost 70% of the country had some heartburn with.

“It’s entertaining, in that I was the greatest critic of the initial four years, three and a half years,” McCain said. “I came back from my first trip to Iraq and said, ‘This is going to fail. We’ve got to change the strategy’ to the one we’re using now. But life isn’t fair.”

Sometimes life is fair Senator.  Sometimes.

UPDATE: Caught this article this morning, McCain on Wednesday admitting that in addition to the public perception on Iraq, the immigration issue might also have cost him some support.  Still, he’s willing to consider other points of view.

“Look, I’ve got to do what I know is right for this country. These issues I have to take head-on,” he said

Steady.  Courage.