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What will you be doing at 7:07:07 on 07/07/07? June 30, 2007

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It will be next Saturday morning, so I’ll probably be at work or on my way to work.  I usually put in 2 or 3 Saturdays a month.  It’s nice and quiet and you can get a lot done.

On a completely different topic, laptop computer theft in the state of Ohio is apparently a big problem.

I admit I was not aware this was a challenge for Ohioans, Ohi-yo-un, Oh Hi Yo, yans. 


An observation, from Governor Strickland’s spokesperson:

“State-owned and issued equipment is being misplaced or lost and stolen, and fundamentally that’s not good,” said Keith Dailey, a spokesman for Gov. Ted Strickland.

I don’t know what Ted is paying Keith, but whatever it is he deserves a raise.  The word choice here is a little unusual.  “Fundamentally”?  He must be talking “the basics”, something we can all agree on.  Theft = bad.  Ok.

The focus of the article is on the theft of state-owned laptop computers, and not necessarily those owned by private citizens.  So I suppose there’s no reason to panic — yet!

We also learn that several state employees had laptops stolen from their cars, some while stopped at turnpike service centers.

Anybody know the etymology of the word “turnpike”?  We don’t use that one much here.

Anyway, in other news, fire is hot, clouds are vaporized moisture in the atmosphere, and the Cowboys aren’t going anywhere this season either.

Brits thwart attempted bombing in Picadilly Circus June 29, 2007

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Using luck.

No intel.  No warning.  No infiltration of a terrorist cell or intercepted communications.  They found this thing because they were lucky.  A car loaded with explosive gas cylinders and nails parked next to The Haymarket.  An ambulance crew noticed smoke coming from the car, and called it in.

Picadilly is crowded with shops and restaurants.  Even at 1:30 in the morning, it’s a busy place.

This was weird:

Early photographs of the silver Mercedes showed a canister, bearing the words “patio gas,” indicating it was propane gas, next to the car. The back door was open with blankets spilling out.

Tank of propane next to the car, and an open back door?   WTF? 

Doesn’t make sense.  But that doesn’t erase how potentially lethal this thing was.

UPDATE:  ace tells me they apparently crashed the car and screwed up the detonator, and the moron terrorist might have been trying to set it off with fire.  His update is here, and HotAir has it too.  Poosibly a home grown moron who didn’t go to AQ bomb school.  Luck.

Luck is not a strategy for dealing with terrorism.  Oh, and Circus is Latin for circle.

I knew somebody would want to know that.

UPDATE 2:  They found another one.  And the first car had two cell phone detonators, both numbers called twice.

For the Senator from Ohio June 28, 2007

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Immigration Reform June 28, 2007

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Tom Delay wins on one of the charges June 28, 2007

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The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals agreed with Delay’s defense team that the conspiracy to violate Texas election code charge doesn’t hold up, because the law wasn’t on the books when his political committee, Texans for a Republican Majority, spent about $600,000 of corporate money on consultants, professional fundraisers and pollsters as part of an effort to elect a GOP majority to the Legislature.  The law went into effect in September of 2003, a year after the 2002 elections.

Now, that would seem kinda, I don’t know, what’s the expression I’m looking for here, f’n’ obvious to the casual observer.  The casual observer not being a member of DA Ronnie Earle’s legal team that drew up the charge.  But it was a split decision from the court, 5-4.  I’ll be interested in reading their opinions, and by that I mean imploring one of the legal beagles over at IB to read them and interpret them for us.  Or I’ll call my lawyer buddy this weekend and ax him for the dope.


72 year old former Marine pummels 27 year old pickpocket June 27, 2007

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UPDATE: Video at Hot Air 

I’m starting to think all former Marines should wear a badge or something so people (and bears) would know not to screw with them.

Bill Barnes was standing in a convenience store in Grand Rapids Michigan and scratching off a losing $2 lottery ticket when he felt a hand reach inside his front left pocket.  In that pocket he had about $300 in cash.  He grabbed the thief’s left hand and started pummeling him with his right, landing six or seven punches before the store manager intervened (to save the dumb asses life I’m thinkin).

27 year old Jessie Daniel Rae has been arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery.

Barnes served in the Marines, was an accomplished Golden Gloves boxer, and is a retired iron worker.  Robbing him was a bad idea.

“I guess I acted on instinct,” said Barnes

I’m thinking his instinct was extremely pissed off. 

The store manager came around to help Barnes subdue Rae, until the police arrived.

Barnes can still throw a punch.  “There was blood everywhere,” said another manager on duty, Abby Ostrom, 25.

He said he’d do the same thing again if faced with the same situation.  Why?

“I wouldn’t want my wife to give me hell for lettin’ that guy get my money,” he said with a smile.

Killing bears with logs.  Kicking the ass of a punk more than 40 years younger.

These guys are dangerous.

Shaq helps a kid learn about nutrition June 26, 2007

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Mind bending, I know.  But Shaq looks pretty good in this video.

Not great advice on the carrots.  Very carby.

But good advice on the sodas and fast food.

Encouraging kids is a good thing.  And guinea pigs, while carb free, are too cute to eat.

NBA star Yao Ming will marry in August June 25, 2007

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Crazy kid. 

Houston Rocket and seven foot whatever giant Yao Ming will marry his sweetie after an 8 year courtship.

That’s a long time, even if you are a giant.  He’s, what, 26? 

He fell in love with Ye Li when he was 18.

Well, I wish them both well.  The article says she’s 1.9 meters tall, which has to be taller than me, but maybe not Lipstick.

If Lipstick would gimme a shot we could take em on at Pool Chicken!

Debris from 9-11 attacks more deadly than 9th ward flooding June 25, 2007

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Or some crap.

So what made this debris so harmful?

I hate even asking that question.  Veterans from the first battle of the Marne might weigh in, if they were still here.

Cuy! Protien for you and for me June 25, 2007

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Guinea pig goodness.


They’re kinda cute though.

Tasty is cute.