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That’s how I roll.


1. Joerg - May 17, 2006


I am a German Fulbright Alumnus, who blogs for the Atlantic Review about transatlantic relations and the US.

I have just written about TEXAS LIGHTNING, a German country band, which will represent our country at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Contrary to popular belief, many Germans love cowboys, country music and Texas! And more and more Americans love soccer and will watch the World Cup next month. => German-American relations are finally improving again.

Since you are in Texas, I thought you might be interested in my blog post, which includes a video:


Please share among your texas friends.



2. Dave in Texas - May 17, 2006

Oh dear God not the Fulbright school. Es tut mir leit.

Wie geht es ihnen?

Yes, I made straight Cs in German at the Universitat.

Joerg, thanks for commenting. I think it’s cool you have a German country band called Texas Lightning.

Interestingly, here in my part of Texas (central) we have thousands of descendants of German immigrants who settled here from the mid 1800s till 1925. Many Czech and other central Europeans. Galveston was a very popular port of entry. Central Texas culture is very much tied to German culture.

Just watched the video… I like this band. Very sweet. They would enjoy playing a gig at the Gruene dance hall.

best regards

Dave in Texas

3. Kai in Berlin - May 18, 2006

Hi Dave in Texas,

I`m sitting here in Berlin, germany reading your comment in the guestbook of Texas Lightning and found your little article about their participation in this year`s Eurovision Song Contest on saturday in Athens.
I will be in Athens on saturday and look forward to support the band there in any way I can.
Later this month I`m coming over to texas with a bunch of german Country Music fans. We`ll be in Dallas, Fort Worth and the beautiful Hill Country.

All the best from the other side of the big pond

Kai in Berlin
Germany that is

4. daveintexas - May 19, 2006

Hi Kai in Berlin,

Thanks for coming by and for commenting. I ordered Texas Lightning’s CD from Amazon last night – I’m sure I’ll enjoy listening to it.

I hope you enjoy your visit – particularly the Hill Country, which is beautiful. It’s gonna be warm (90s) and humid though, so get ready for it. As I mentioned to Joerg, this part of Texas is full of descendents of German-Americans.. German culture and heritage are strong influences here – you’ll see many town names that will surprise you.

Have a good time, and my best regards to you

Dave in Texas

5. Cameron - June 10, 2006

Just came across your blog. Loved "Well I'm Dead." Keep up the good work.

Cameron in Fredericksburg (Texas)

6. Jim Howard - August 16, 2006

Great minds think alike. You’ve got a good blog, keep it up.

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8. Trenitalia - October 7, 2006

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9. Amore - November 12, 2006

Luogo interessante, buon disegno, lo gradisco, signore! =)

10. Sudoku - December 1, 2006

Buon luogo piacevole senza qualsiasi cosa dispari, ben progettata!

11. iheartblackeyes - December 23, 2006

….WTF is up with these comments?

12. mesablue - December 24, 2006

I’m not from Germany, but I am German and I hate country music.

I like sausages.

And cheese.


13. traxiom - December 24, 2006

Go Horns!

14. fatenadh - December 31, 2006


15. mikeyslaw - February 5, 2007

sorry to say this, but i did not know you blogged. i just started commenting on AoS about six months ago, used to do so at LGF, but the people who comment on AoS say the funniest shit i see anywhere, and some of them even seem to be half-way intelligent.(not you). (run-on sentences are common in the practice of law, at least here in Dallas.) this was a great article on guys risking their lives to save lives.

16. duh Jungjunan - July 28, 2007

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17. порно - October 15, 2008

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18. blogRot - October 17, 2008

rock it Dave!

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42. CaseyFronczek - June 21, 2009

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43. vme16 - July 30, 2009

I just got home from an amazing run in the gorgeoues sunshine outside on a chillaxious Friday and I was once again reminded of how beautiful and easy our lives are.

We spend so much time complaining and bickering about basically non-existent problems and sometimes we forget how awesome it is to be here. Sure, tragedies do exist (check out the drunk driving thread for some sad examples), but generally life is easy. If those young adults who were killed by drunk drivers were able to speak from the grave, the first thing they’d say is that life is short, so enjoy it. They really are proof of how short it can be.

Some personal examples of my life being beautifuxl:

-Just spend a week in Canmore helping paint my friend’s million dollar home, while mountain biking, drinking, and getting free room and board. And I even got paid for it!

-Lost my wallet three times so far. Everytime it has been returned. One time I lost it in Edmonton with $70 cash inside, and when it was returned the cash was still in it! (minor miracle, especially in Edmonton!)

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-Going to Spain in September for $116 thanks to cmyden and his amazinug travel deal!

-And we can all agree that the Flames getting Bouwmeester for nothing is something we as a group can celebrate! b2wofa

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51. bappa - July 5, 2012

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52. Tushar - August 19, 2012

I love Dave too, but not the in the gay way like Bappa does.

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