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Hey. Here’s a Reason to Put Up a New Post Here July 4, 2008

Posted by daveintexas in uh.

Today was the Belton Texas 4th of July Parade, one they’ve held for almost 100 years. 

Last time I watched it (hey, it’s hot here in July) was when my youngest was on a float, waving at me).

Wanted to give you a little taste of small town Texas on the 4th.  Without burnin AoS or IB bandwidth.


All my best to you and yours this Independence Day.


The Bell County courthouse, and waiting parade fans.



Leadoff Parade man, Sheriff Dan Smith.

Only a pimp in a New Orleans whorehouse would have pearl handled grips.


You always know when you’re downtown near the courthouse.

I did not know we had a Carnagie Museum


I don’t know.  Girls on horseys.



You should have heard the standing O.



Manners.  People kept the sidewalks clear.



Couple of old cowboys, who have seen more of these parades than I have



The band.  This is My Country.  I would have done Stars and Stripes, but hell, it’s hot out here.



The east side of the Bell County Courthouse



Memorial to Company I, 143rd, 36thID

A close up, for you fans of Ernie Pyle’s work..



Henry Waskow was a Corporal, before he became a Captain, and then he was lost to us.




Floats is floats.  Also that car is hot.



Shriners.  George Carlin was so wrong about them.


Heh.  My dad used to do this, in 1967, tie up all our neighborhood kids wagons to the riding lawn mower and take us around the block.


Staying cool.


This was my favorite float



Marines.  OOORAH  (came up from the crowd)



Water safety, from Unkie Sam and George.





Sammy… I played a wedding gig with him 2 years ago, he’s a pretty awesome drummer.





I didn’t even know we had them here


A very happy Independence Day, to y’all.