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Apparently we did not learn our lesson from Moussaoui’s trial. Dammit. June 29, 2006

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One wonders if Justice Stevens has read the Geneva Conventions.

Or if he is aware that we refused (rightly so) to sign on to the First Additional Protocol of 1977, an attempt to turn the conventions on their head and drag civilians into the fray by allowing guerillas to use them as shields.  To hide among them.

Does anybody get this?  The Geneva Conventions exist to protect the defenseless.  Non-combatants.

I can’t remember where I saw this point made recently, probably at Ace’s, but we’ve all seen films where enemies captured not in uniform can be treated as spies and shot.  Hollywood did not make that up, the Geneva Accords did not attempt to defend those who hide among the populace.

What’s the alternative? 

Recently we’ve seen reports from Iraq about insurgent groups indicating their willingness to cease hostilities.  Fine and dandy.  That’s a good thing.

If you disarm them, and can take steps to make sure they don’t rearm.

If the boys from Alabama, under legal orders from Robert E. Lee stacked their weapons at Appomattox, then that was a pledge to stop fighting.  That’s what we need from these goobers.

Absent that, well.  Absent that you don’t have anything except a murderer on the loose.

Supremes Uphold Texas Redistricting June 28, 2006

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Pretty much a win for Delay and Republicans in Texas, the Supreme Court said yes on the big questions, which were can you redraw maps anytime you want (as opposed to just following a census), and is this map ok (yes, except for the Texas 23rd, where it appears Hispanic voting rights were diluted).



Write up on that here, essentially they lowered the Hispanic voting strength in D 23 from 65% to 51%, and the justices got twitchy with that.

Never mind their Representative is Henry Bonilla.  Hispanic.  Republican.  The argument from the Dems was that he wasn’t the “right kind of Hispanic representative”.  Gee I wonder what that means?

Nice huh?

Well, it’s a victory for Texas Republicans and Tom Delay.  The underlying argument was quite sound. Texas is a majority Republican state.  60% of statewide offices are held by Republicans.  I think everybody knows how we voted in the last two Presidential elections.  Our Governor, our two Senators, they’re Republicans.  But in the House of Representatives we had 17 Democrats and 13 Republicans.

How does that happen?

I’ll tell you how.  It happened because of old district maps that Democrats created all my damn life here.  Democrats in the state house did this to the Rs for 50 f’n’ years, and when the Rs gave em some of their own medicine, they ran off like a bunch of pussies to New Mexico and Oklahoma instead of taking it like men.

Amounted to a swing of 6 Representatives moving to the Republican side of the ledger.  Something less than the Apocalypse it was made out to be.  Hell, here in my own District we still have Chet Edwards, D.  They took a shot at him but he ducked and lived to vote another day.

And it wasn’t all elections.  Ralph Hall, formerly my favorite Democrat, decided he had had enough, and switched parties.

UPDATE: I forgot to add, the thing I loved about all this the best was we finally nailed that weasel Martin Frost.  He was dug in like a tick and we weren’t ever gonna dig him out.


I can’t improve upon Sobek’s coverage June 28, 2006

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So I’ll just point both of my readers to it.

Warren Buffett commits the bulk of his wealth to the Gates Foundation June 25, 2006

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Didn't see that coming.

Actually it's not a huge surprise.  Gates has been on the BH board for a while, and Mr. Buffett has been quite impressed with the foundation's work. 

You gotta do something with it when you leave.  Last time I checked you still can't take it with you.

The Moustache holds the line June 21, 2006

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"You don’t normally engage in conversations by threatening to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, and it’s not a way to produce a conversation because if you acquiesce in aberrant behavior, you simply encourage the repetition of it, which we’re obviously not going to do,”

And if that doesn't work, we're launching a cruise moustache off the USS St. Louis at midnight Kim.  So get your doo doo together.

Update: forgot the link!

Murtha’s Law June 20, 2006

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This guy thinks he has a serious plan to "change direction"?

You know what our problem dealing with Murtha is?

1)  He served honorably.

2)  He is senile.

We feel badly picking on a senile old man.

We really need to get over that.  It's nice and all.  Not now.  Stakes are too high.

Never forget the reason the left offers up Murtha, Kerry (he served in Vietnam), Cindy Sheehan and the Jersey girls.  They cannot handle the open debate.  You have to have victims sporting your message, because victims are unassailable, unimpeachable.  We can't argue ideas because to attack them is to attack their suffering.  Their honor.  They earned the right to tell you how wrong you are, and you can't even speak or respond.  Just take it and shut up.

Don't believe me?  Who's been making victims out of the monsters in Gitmo forever?  These poor lambs swept up on the desert sands of club-Afghanistan.  Even Zarqawi, sawer of heads may his martyred name be elevated above the curb.  Was there one article that didn't tell us he was an abused child?

I respect Rep. Murtha for his accomplishments and his service.

I am disgusted with Rep. Murtha for his shameless self-aggrandizement and posturing without regard for the troops he claims to honor and the defense of the nation against a committed and dangerous foe.

I'm used to being disgusted with Congressmen.  The last one who pissed me off with his selfishness was Duke Cunningham.

Hippies and shellfish June 16, 2006

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Honestly.  You try to make fun of them, and they make it impossible.  What they do in earnest you would think was parody.

The Austin-based grocer spent seven months studying the sale of live lobsters from ship to supermarket aisle, trying to determine whether the creatures suffer along the way.

Along the way?  Beats hell out of me, I haven’t read the study.  I am familiar with what happens at the end of the line, which is getting your still alive lobster ass dropped into a pot of boiling water.

In some stores, they experimented with "lobster condos," filling tanks with stacks of large pipes the critters can crawl inside. And they moved the tanks behind seafood counters and away from children's tapping fingers.

Kids banging on the glass?  I was told this property had minimum age restrictions!

Ultimately, Whole Foods management decided to immediately stop selling live lobsters and soft-shell crabs, saying they could not ensure the creatures are treated with respect and compassion.

You have to respect the lobster before you eat it.  It’s kinda like bears “honoring” their breakfast.

We place as much emphasis on the importance of humane treatment and quality of life for all animals as we do on the expectations for quality and flavor," John Mackey, Whole Foods' co-founder and chief executive, said in a statement.

Now if you fellows with the press would just follow me to the organic produce area, and away from this little selection of beef…

Animal rights activities were thrilled with the decision, not just because of the way lobsters are harvested, shipped and stored but because of the fate that awaits many of them — being dropped alive into a pot of boiling water

Because one lobster saved from this awful fate at the Whole Foods Market is another lobster in the tank waiting over at the local HEB to meet his reward.

Hmmmm.  I believe I have made an important decision about dinner this weekend.

Congress and the courage of their convictions June 16, 2006

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A non-binding (nice of them to let the Commander in Chief run the war) resolution that says:

  1. Good job troops
  2. The war in
    Iraq is part of the larger fight against global terrorism
  3. Setting an arbitrary date for troop reductions/redeployment is not in the national best interest

The “GOP-led House” voted 256-153 in favor of this measure, commonly known in these parts as “put up or shut up”.  Now, the measure’s not all that, they’ve had similar resolutions before.  But last time I checked, there weren’t 256 “House-leading Republicans” in the House of Representatives.  Sounds like more than a few dozen D’s supported it too, perhaps a few more if some R’s voted no.

I live in a district that has a Democratic representative, Chet Edwards.  Been in there since Marvin Leath gave it up about 20 years ago.  I don’t know, haven’t checked, but I’ll bet Chet voted yes (I won’t be surprised to find out this was a voice vote).

Others, well.  “It's time to face the facts," House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California answered, as she called for a new direction in the conflict.

”What direction would that be?  Don’t bother asking, she won’t tell you.  To be fair, she doesn’t really know.  The one option that hurts Bush the most hasn’t made itself manifestly clear.  Know why?

Because even after months of steady progress, enough happened this week to force the MSM to cover it.  An awful lot of bad people got their asses stomped this week, and Americans like it, and want more of it.

The GOP-led Senate had a similar resolution.  93-6.  Courageous.

Why would you defend this douchebag? June 16, 2006

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I know.  Pelosi and the leadership are smart enough to throw him under the bus.

But why isn't the Congressional Black Leadership Caucus smart enough?

When we found out that Bob Ney had some questionable gambling winnings at a questionable time to take care of some questionable debts, and might have been involved in a deal to sell aircraft parts to Iran, most of the conservatives I run with said "strip him of his committee memberships, his seniority, and let the investigation fly".

When Duke Cunningham pled guilty to accepting bribes from contractors for favorable treatment, we said "love you Duke.  Terrific service.  Go to jail".

But when William Jefferson D-La is caught with 90 grand in his freezer (it's fish dammit!  frozen fish!), and even when the House D leadership is smart enough to drop this loser like a used rubber, the CBLC (do they use that or am I making it up?  Hell I just don't feel like typing it anymore) want us to make sure he isn't prejudged.  Gets the benefit of presumption of innocence. 

Just like they do for the Marines.

UPDATE: Honestly, we all understand the political motivations of Pelosi and the Dem leadership here, the guy looks dirty and they can't throw him under the bus fast enough.  They need to maintain their Republican "culture of corruption" narrative.  But the CLBC actually does have a shred of a point.  The guy hasn't been charged with a crime.  He is not under indictment.  Yet.  Hurrying to yank him off Ways and Means is just showboating.

The End of Al-Qaeda in Iraq June 15, 2006

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So says the Z-man himself, in documents seized after the bombing.

The only chance we have is to get the Americans fighting somebody else (Iran).

The Iraqi Army is much more effective that we had thought.

Got to destroy the American's relationship with the Shiites.

The authenticity is already being challenged, although the grounds for that is bizarre (he speaks differently when he writes than in the videos).  No shit, so do I.

I know this, we found enough stuff to successfully locate an awful lot of them this week.  I think the authenticity of those documents speaks for itself.