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Decisions, decisions October 10, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in drama, stuff.

Been wondering what to do with this blog for a while now, and kinda kickin myself about it.

Most of you know a couple of months ago, ace extended an invitation to me to co-blog at AceofSpadesHQ, which took me all of about 2 seconds to accept.  Since then I’ve struggled to keep up with 3 blogs, (most of you know I also post at Splitters Innocent Bystanders).

What to do?  I’ve felt badly, because I really haven’t been doing my best here, heck, if you’re gonna do your best, and you can post it on a blog that gets 15,000 hits a day, you tend to save it up and put it there.

For the more personal stuff, IB works just fine for me.  They’re a nice buncha morons, and they put up with me.  You know, that annoying kid brother who you love for some reason but you’d really like mom to make him go away when you invite the girlfriends over for a pajama party. 

But I feel like a slacker here, for the few of you who are kind enough to drop by and see if I’ve done anything.  And if I have, it’s not really my best effort.  That’s lame of me, and unkind to you.

I like this thing, and I learned a lot from it, but I’m gonna let it go dark for a while.  Doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it, ace might sober up one day and realize what a horrible mistake it all was.  Until then, thank you so much for reading and commenting, and the ego boost/encouragement.  That was darn nice of you all, and I appreciate it more than I know how to say.

Pope out.


1. Myron - October 10, 2007

Have fun over at AoS. I’ve been catching you there and IB so wherever you go I’ll find you. Like a fuckin’ 70 year old stalker LOL

2. Cuffy Meigs - October 10, 2007

Great—I send you your first Cuffalanche and BANG! Lights out!

I am Bizarro Midas!

(see you at IB, AOS, Dave)

3. mesablue - October 10, 2007


4. geoff - October 10, 2007

At least you’re still blogging. Sigh.

5. harrison - October 10, 2007

No sweat. We know where to find you.

6. nicedeb - October 10, 2007

I’m glad you’re keeping this blog, though, in case you have something that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else.

I’ve really been enjoying your stuff at AOSHQ.

7. cranky - October 11, 2007

Will you remember us little people when you’re gone? Or will we be just possums you ran over on the road to fame and fortune?

Congratulations, Dave.

8. Dave in Texas - October 11, 2007

Thank you all very much.

As an aside, it’s been interesting to see geoff’s prediction about blog merges coming to pass.

If only he’d hurry up and become a PhD so we could all get our graph and chart jones fed properly.

mmmmmmmm…. possum

I’ll tell you something crankster, if it weren’t for the readers, AoS wouldn’t be shit. ace has noted several times that the commenters are really what draw people to the blog. ace does a nice job with his posts and certainly gets the ball rolling, but everyone, particularly the lurkers have told him how much they like the funnay from the commenters.

9. Cathy - October 11, 2007

I’m okay with your decisions.

I’ll come back here now and again if for no other reason than seeing your great pool pic.

Enjoy AoS! I’ll make an effort to spend more time over there now.

10. Michael - October 11, 2007

You know, that annoying kid brother who you love for some reason but you’d really like mom to make him go away when you invite the girlfriends over for a pajama party.

That’s Brewfan, not you.

11. eddiebear - October 12, 2007

Damn! You still owe me $50!

12. eddiebear - October 12, 2007

Shit! That means I may have to redo my blogroll!

13. eddiebear - October 12, 2007

All kidding aside:

Good luck as you move to the deluxe apartment in the sky!

14. kevlarchick - October 13, 2007

*sniff* It’s the end of an era.

15. daveintexas - October 13, 2007

don’t make me cry y’all.

16. Lipstick - October 13, 2007

Remember the little possums.

17. harrison - October 14, 2007

Remember the little possums.

In your rearview mirror.

18. Retired Geezer - October 15, 2007

I leave and when I come back, Dave’s gone.

I’m never going Elk Hunting again.

until next year.

19. lauraw - October 15, 2007

So how many blogs have you been on so far, anyway? I seem to remember you were writing now & then at other places too.

20. Dave in Texas - October 15, 2007

I had a gig at http://www.fasterthantheworld.com, which kinda went belly up over the summer (they’re keeping the blog going, it was sort of a writer’s place with a moron from Texas). Michele Catalano started it up with her sweetie, she had a very high traffic blog a few years ago called asmallvictory.net – still blogs at abigvictory.blogspot.com

Also did a couple last year with the crazy swedes, but I was just goofin around there.

That’s pretty much it.

21. lauraw - October 15, 2007

Six. Holy smokes.

22. daveintexas - October 16, 2007

Well, not at the same time. And I really wasn’t serious on the swedish art blog, unlike Geez.

Oh, and I didn’t blog on Michele’s old or newest ones (couple o guest posts, she kinda thinks I’m like a stray puppy. Almost safe to pet, probably has fleas)

23. black_mamba - October 17, 2007

Is this gonna Kill You? No i Dont Think so !

24. wiserbud - October 17, 2007

wait, you had a blog?

25. PattyAnn - October 18, 2007

Not to fret, Dave, if the AOS thing doesn’t work out, you can always be a Hostage :P

26. harrison - October 30, 2007

Boy, I’ll tell ya. When you quit; you just quit.
No tapering off for you.
No, sirree.

27. Anna-Lys - November 20, 2007

“The Crazy Swedes” thank You very much for Your participation … it was hmmm … refreshing to have You at MuseArt hope You will find Your self … mean the right blog 4 U ;-)

(( kram ))

28. daveintexas - November 20, 2007

I managed to find a little gig

29. Anna-Lys - November 20, 2007


Still You won’t get satisfied until You are back with us progblogers ;-)


30. R30C - November 23, 2007

Pope out
Hey Pope, is it true that bears are catholic and you shit in the woods?

31. FANCY SWEDEN - November 24, 2007

We all waiting for the Dave big bang here in the “blogosphare”

Let’s rock with some nice moooove’s…:-)

32. Mr Minority - November 29, 2007

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me,
Is there anyone at home?

33. Rooster - December 1, 2007

Ain’t nobody here but us chickens.

34. eddiebear - December 7, 2007

Wait! Since Dav’es gone, can we swim in the pool now?

35. Russ from Winterset - December 8, 2007

Dave! You can’t go!

All the plants will die!

………..and then, depression set in.

36. Anna-Lys - December 21, 2007

Wish You a happy and Joyful Yule Season!


(( kram ))

37. FANCY SWEDEN - December 23, 2007

I wish you Texas Ranger a happy sexy loving Good Christmas

38. New Years Lys - December 29, 2007

Tnx cowboy ! ;-)

Happy New Year !!!!

(( hug ))

39. FANCY SWEDEN - December 30, 2007

Now I am back to wish you hot Texas Ranger the best and a happy New Year…;-P

40. FANCY SWEDEN - January 9, 2008

Com’on …:-)

41. alone&14 - January 11, 2008

oh…i’m sad. i wanted to raz you, are you leaving cuz of me? hey,
Knock knock..

42. FANCY SWEDEN - January 14, 2008

Hello you…Do you want to dance with me…;-)

43. FANCY SWEDEN - January 18, 2008

;-P Take a step into my fantasy-country…;-))))

44. mesablue - January 20, 2008


45. Texas Newspapers - January 25, 2008

Hi..just stopping by to say a Happy New Year…interesting post there, and i’ve bookmarked this blog too…keep up the good job ;)

46. aprilwine - February 7, 2008

Hi Dave,
You didn’t happen to have the same screen name on aol did you?

47. daveintexas - February 7, 2008

Hi April,

No, it was different. D in T was my first (still is) blogging moniker.

48. aprilwine - February 7, 2008

Oh ok. Well, nice to meet you Dave in Texas. :)

49. MuseArt - February 8, 2008

Thank You for your participation at MuseArt Jan 2007-Jan 2008

50. fancy sweden - February 24, 2008

OK…Cowboy you are in the heart post…jump on your horse and take a look…:)

51. cranky - March 2, 2008

You know you could at least run a dust cloth around this place once in a while. Damn cobwebs.

52. ANNA-LYS - March 18, 2008

Happy Easter Holiday, Dave


Your Swedish CyberBunny

53. eddiebear - April 14, 2008

I blame Bush

54. Mr Minority - May 29, 2008

Hello….Hello….Hello……Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me,
Is there anyone at home?

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