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Landscaping update September 27, 2006

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We are pretty much done.




Remember this one?


No?  I’ll jog your memory.


That’s right.  Filthy holes of mud where you die!


Character September 24, 2006

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Opportunity September 24, 2006

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Regrets, I’ve had a few…


Leadership September 24, 2006

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Something about that pointy finger that says “I am a serious man”.


Legacy September 24, 2006

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Blogging is easy September 23, 2006

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Dem leadership to party – “Holy shit these two lunatics sound just like us”! September 21, 2006

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Rangel and Pelosi criticise Hugo Chavez for insulting President Bush.  Over at Hot Air.

I listened to excerpts.  His kung-fu was weak.

They have to cover their ass, the talking points sound too much like they loaned him their speech writers for the event.  Allah says “it’s nice to see a lefty put country over party.  Even if he really isn’t”.  I would have said “it’s nice to see a lefty worry about their idiotic image before the American people, so much so he has to offer up this lame defense of Bush”.

Mine was wordier though.  Ah well.  To-may-to.  To-mah-to.

Meanwhile Nancy Pelosi states “I have never called President Bush an evil monkey”!

*whispers to staffer*  have I Pete?  No, I don’t think I have.  Not lately anyway.

Check out the DU thread Allah posts.  They’re so stupid they don’t even know what Charlie is doing.

to borrow a joke from ace, because really, after all, what do I have?  Nothing, that’s what. 

Today’s Democratic Party

Strong.  Tough.  Really ready for this idiot Chavez to STFU and go home already.

They can’t say that about our pledges!  Only we can say that about our pledges”!

—  Eric Stratton, Chairman of the rush committee and he was damned glad to meet you.

Arlen “Magic Bullet” Specter presses forward with Shield Law September 20, 2006

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Rob over at Sayanythingblog writes about Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee (an organization I grow to loathe more each day).  He makes all the right points, National Security requires secrecy, elected officials are charged with deciding what needs to be kept secret and what should not.  Sometimes they suck at it and sometimes we hold them accountable.

Putting it in the hands of non-elected reporters?  And hide them behind a shield of secrecy and protection?  Publish anything they want with no consequences?

Can someone please explain to me why Specter thinks this is a good idea?  This is the kind of crap the KGB did for crying out loud, why in the hell do I want to give the NYT this kind of unchecked power?

I swear, they are really our enemies.

Crawford Texas and surrounding areas evacuated due to chemical spill from train derailment September 19, 2006

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Just local news right now, and this story doesn’t mention the town evacuating, but that information is in a marquee scrolling on the screen while some dorky show is on (NCIS I think).

Don’t know yet how/whether this is affecting Bush’s Crawford home.  I’m sure we’ll all be hearing about it soon.

Unidentified chemical, up to 30 cars derailed.  Residents are gathering at the local high school football field while hazmat teams, firemen, and sheriff’s deputies evaluate the scene.

I see the hand of Rove.

UPDATE: 8:15pm CDT.  Downtown Crawford, everyone within a mile half-mile radius evacuated (to community center and elementary school, not the HS football field.  Leaves out the Bush ranch.  12-14 cars, some kind of pesticide. 

UPDATE: 10:05pm CDT.  Situation under control, people being let home.  23 cars, 2 dumped lost/leaked chemicals, one was granular pellets, the other a liquid (ethylanolymine, caustic.. an ingredient in Drano according to HazMat guy being interviewed), which formed a cloud, which got authorities busy protecting the nice folks of Crawford Texas.

Sudden dumbass death syndrome September 17, 2006

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I hesitated writing about this.  I wanted to get it out.  I did not want to expose it to the world.

And then I thought “what better place than here?  you can write about it, and 3 people will read it”.