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I finally got my guest interview with Sobek August 30, 2006

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Check it out.  He’s supposed to be some kinda Egyptian crocodile god or something.  I don’t know.

But this is funny!

By the way, everybody knows the “nik” sounding word is “nickelback”.


Oh by the way, ace asked the IB morons and a few of our close personal friends to guest blog this weekend over at Ace of Spades HQ, so check that out.

I expect a visit from Thomas Jefferson, and of course my close personal friend Hugh Jackman.

Hell’s Retards August 28, 2006

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Sedgeway gang.


Austin is weird.

Nobody to blame but yourself Jerry August 27, 2006

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TO fined for missing a team meeting, a rehab meeting, and late to an offensive team meeting.

$9,500 bucks.  I believe we already know how TO feels about bigger fines.

Well, this relationship is certainly getting off to a good start.  Nobody is surprised, not even me.

I quit caring about professional sports about 10 years ago.  Oh I still follow “my teams” and all, I don’t remember the last time I watched an entire football game from beginning to end.  No, I mean “caring”, in the sense that I was bummed if the Cowboys lost.  I suppose losing for a while can do that to you.

I remember an article in Sports Illustrated about 16 years ago that talked about ballplayers for the Yankees had no real sense of who the Yankees were.  Didn’t know about the “M & M boys”, nothing at all really, about a team that has such a rich and deep history (full disclosure, I hate them by the way).  It wasn’t important to them.  Being a Yankee wasn’t a big deal.

Money changes everything.  I don’t want to win the lottery, I’m a big enough jerk as it is and I don’t need the encouragement.

6th Street August 26, 2006

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Austin Texas. Down here for a few days.  It’s hotter than hell here.  Just like up the road. 6th street is the place to be… bars, music.  Gonna go listen to a few bands tonight. It’s kinda like Bourbon Street west.


Bars.  Restaurants.  I’m going here tonight.


I’ve listened to some pretty good bands here. I had a little down time this afternoon, and needed a cheeseburger, so I kept walking.  Found a pretty cool sports bar.

Good cheeseburger.  Here’s the view from inside.


That guy’s knee looks worse than mine.  But a cold Corona fixes most knee ailments.

I didn’t have one of these burgers, but it sounded pretty good.


When I was younger I used to jump in my old Chrysler and come down here on weekends.  Made a lot of memories here.  Some good.  Some not so good.

Some both.

Did I mention it’s hotter than hell here this weekend?

I probably did.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kicking Hugo Chavez, Round 2 August 23, 2006

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SSP drops Citgo like a used rubber.

Is it bidness?  Yes.  But it’s also politics.

I realize this is kind of inside baseball, but at least I find it interesting that another large retailer is dropping their relationship with Citgo (Citgo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Venezualan PDVSa).

320 stations is not the impact that 7-Eleven will be, but it ain’t nothing either.


Rightwingsparkle vid blogs August 22, 2006

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Nice job.  She works the cuteness thing, but she’s subtle with it.

What did you expect?  An F-bomb?

I’ve watched her write for years now.  Never seen an f-bomb.

I don’t think.  That McCain thing gets her riled.

Banning trolls August 22, 2006

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I had seen a few less guarded comments by Larry at other blogs… nothing incredibly potent, just more than he ever let on at AoSHQ.

Larry’s gig was to appear reasonable and polite there, to provoke others to jump his shit and look like overreacting haters.

Which I totally did, cause I knew he was an asshole from his comments at other sites.

So you got me Lar.  I played your game.

ace banned him today for comments elsewhere.

but I did what he wanted me to do.   Jump his ass because I knew he posted honestly (more honestly?  less dishonestly?) at other sites.

I played his game.


John McCain on Meet the Press August 22, 2006

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I’ve watch excepts from McCain’s appearance on Meet the Press with David Gregory.  Listened carefully to McCain’s thoughts, criticisms, his views on the war in Iraq, Don Rumsfeld, and Joe Lieberman.

Most of you who know me know I am no fan of John McCain.  This interview reinforces an opinion I’ve held for a long, long time.

David Gregory is a f’n’ tool.  

Update:  McCain continues to choose the ping-pong ball strategy. 

Neither bit of information should surprise anyone.

Snakes on a Plane video mashup August 21, 2006

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I didn’t even know they made video mashups.

Sunday Monday update August 20, 2006

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Looks pretty good with water in it.

And yes, we have been swimming.

Me likes.