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See-Dubya gigs at HotAir December 31, 2006

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Bastard.  I really hate him now.

You just know the smoking jacket got Michelle’s engines racing.  He’s quite suave and debonair in that thing.


Like Joe Bob Briggs used to say, 4 stars.  Check it out.

Chess player banned after cheating December 30, 2006

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He had sewn a Bluetooth into his hat, and friends relayed computer generated moves back to him.

Another Indian.  Tushar, what is going on here?  First the runner and now this?

The player, Umakant Sharma, had logged rating points at a rapid pace in the last 18 months and also qualified for the national championship, arousing the suspicion of officials and bemusing rivals.

I wonder if he was on steroids?

UPDATE:  It’s old.


Brazil on the brink December 28, 2006

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It’s a shame.  Brazil is a beautiful country, with a rich culture, a growing economy and an expanding middle class.  The people I’ve been privileged to work with are bright, energetic, loving and fun.

Crime is dragging this nation down.  And it’s getting out of control.

I hope they find their way.  The alternative is pretty depressing.

When Mr. Healthy Penis talks December 28, 2006

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people listen.


It used to be E.F. Hutton that commanded this kind of rapt attention.

No more.

More crazy squids pumping it December 28, 2006

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Not quite what you think.  Still, pretty cool.

Full Metal Christmas December 25, 2006

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It’s probably old.  Still, I liked it.

I like the strategically timed jingle bells.

WuzzaDem opens investigation into Truther movement December 23, 2006

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As always, it’s a beautiful thing.

How can they be so mind-bogglingly retarded?

I’m glad you asked. 

HT: AceofSpadesHQ

It’s a zit! I wasn’t nowhere near that guy December 22, 2006

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To what lengths may you go to collect evidence of a crime?


The lunatic bullet, is in my head.

I blame Bush.

The Crap Tree December 21, 2006

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BUMPED on account of it’s CHRISTMAS! 

I wrote this little nothing story two years ago.  Michele at asmallvictory.net was kind enough to publish it and I found out what a huge rush it was to write things that touched some of us, common experiences, feelings we shared. 

Incidentally, you can catch up with Michele and a bunch of cool writers at Faster than the World

The comments and emails kind of encouraged me to finally start blogging on my own, that and Michael inviting me to be a guest commenter at Innocent Bystanders.  Later on, in a moment of weakness, or what I like to refer to as “the lost weekend”, ace at AceofSpadesHQ asked me to be a guest commenter on his very popular blog, and I embarrassed the hell out of him until he decided to sober up and take control again.  I also had a couple of gigs at Rightwingsparkle.com, and I like to think it was me that drove her to real life.  Rumors that she retired to carry our love child into the world are vile accusations not worthy of a response, and I’m quite certain she will not dignify them with even a “what the hell are you smoking Dave”? But I was hooked on the blogging thing. So I pretty much blame them   I was ok until they did whatever they did to me. Since then I’ve regaled all four of you with tales and humourous anecdotes.  Don’t be shocked, I really don’t know how to spell humourous. Anyway, I thought I would bore the three of you left with this, my first blog piece, back when I stood on the shoulders of giants, and threw peanuts onto the third baseman trying to snag the pop fly. Please love me.  I hope you enjoy it. (more…)

Update to the knee update December 20, 2006

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I woke up kinda stiff this morning.

The knee felt ok though.

I STILL never get tired of that joke.

I yanked out my stitches tonight.  They were itchy.