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Beer-launching fridge February 28, 2007

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This would be handy.

Eddiebear via AceofSpadesHQ

Roughing it – My life among the Mormons February 27, 2007

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skinbad asked me for an exposition on my travels among the Utes, and I’m sure none of you will be surprised to see me oblige.

Re-reading my earlier post I see that whole “they got 6 inches” stuff could be misinterpreted, so lest anyone think me a braggart, allow me to revise and extend my remarks to include the phrase “of snow”.  There.

I arrived in Salt Lake City, home of the Great Salt Lake, which incidentally was the original name of the city, it later being abbreviated to just Salt Lake City.  This is the manner of abbreviation for the Latter Day Saints.  If you have a four word name, cut it by 25% and there you have it.  Great Salt Lake City is now tidily abbreviated to Salt Lake City.  Done and done.

I suppose this should not be considered an unusual practice for the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Given the official name of their organized religion, they do seem fond of exposition.  Well, while they may struggle with word conservation, never let it be said you don’t know what they mean.  It isn’t just a Salt Lake.  It is a Great Salt Lake.  Very Great.  Huge in fact. 

I was struck by the size of the airport.  It isn’t terribly large.  I’m sure it suffices, but there are quite a number of ski resorts in the area, and in fact this was the host city for the 2002 Winter Olympics.  My first thought was, what a beautiful wintry setting for the Winter games.  Lovely snow, beautiful mountain ranges.

My second thought was “how in the hell did they get all those people through here”?  Gracious, there are only 5 baggage claim carousels.

more on “My life among the Mormons”


Awesome model F-14 video February 26, 2007

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Over at Hot Air.

Maverick, where are you?

My trip to the snowy mountains of Utah February 23, 2007

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They got 6 inches when I arrived.

They got 6 inches today when I departed.

I connected through Denver, and y’all better watch out cause its coming.

This morning was beautiful.  Beautiful.  It was above freezing, 39 or so.

I did not know it could snow above freezing.

That’s crazy.

Came down in big flakes.  I used a brush to wipe it off my little rental car this morning.  Provided by Avis, God bless em.

There’s something beautiful about the snowy west, and something not so beautiful.  I can’t put my finger on it.

Yes I can.  Your cars look like crap.

Seriously, they got that film of nasty road crap on them all winter long.


I don’t even want to touch it anymore.  I tried wiping it offa my sleeve this morning, by eleven it had burned a hole in my elbow.

I shut the trunk with my right hand.  Some salty road dusty gunk on my fingers.  I can’t wipe it off on anything, so I pull a George Allen move and lick my fingers.

Do.  Not.  Do.  This.

Dear God what are they putting in that brew now??  Acch… I spit and hacked and ptui-ed for ten minutes.  Gross.

I don’t know how you Yankees keep metal on your cars.  I swear, I got no clue.

Snow is pretty tho.

Goodbye Pamela February 22, 2007

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It’s time. 

It couldn’t last.  In this crazy world, what chance did we have?

She lives in her world, and I live in mine.  I live in my colder, northern hemisphere, crazy Texas retardo-Dave world.

She’s a model.

I’m a goober.

She’s young and pretty.

I’m, I’m not young, and not pretty.

She’s wealthy.

That one hurts.

I hear some of you, I know what you’re thinking.  “Did I use her”?

Yer damned skippy I used her.

Everything comes to an end.  But one more, just one more.  For the good times.


When clowns attack February 22, 2007

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Eine Deutsche klown.

I bet he’s asking him if he’s ever been to a turkish bath.

Boy, you’re gonna juggle those balls February 20, 2007

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Juggle those balls, a long time.

Chris Bliss.  Worth the watch.  He’s got ninja Beatles juggling skills.

CRAZY UPDATE: skinbad tells us about Jason Garfield, and juggling wars.

It’s not one take before an audience, but I think the boy has some talent, yeah.

DC District Court of Appeals – Guantanamo detainees cannot challenge their detention in US courts February 20, 2007

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The 2-1 decision upholds a key provision of the Military Commissions Act which Bush asked Congress to pass to force their hand on bullshit complaints from Democrats that their detention is illegal to attack Bush and his prosecution of the war whether their status as enemy combatants can legally be challenged in US courts.

The two consenting judges ordered that hundreds of cases pending in the lower courts be dismissed.

Commenting on the prosecution’s arguments that the detainee’s deserve the same status as a US citizen, Judge A. Raymond Randolph wrote: 

“The arguments are creative but not cogent. To accept them would be to defy the will of Congress,”

It will almost certainly be taken to the Supreme Court.  I recall Lincoln was able to suspend writs of habeus corpus, elmininating similar lawsuits filed by Conferate POWs seeking their release.  Interestingly (to me), the federal argument that was central to the war was “you are citizens of the United States, and the secessions are illegal.  Still, they were considered enemy combatants in the field, and had that status temporarily suspended in a time of war.

Remember when you were young? February 17, 2007

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You shone like the sun.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

Peter Kara Stenback. February 18 1956 – March 21 1980.

Update: You ever write something that breaks your heart when you write it, cause it’s hard, and you think it makes perfectly good sense and nobody understands what you’re saying?  Kinda like, you remember, when Ron Burgundy was in the phone booth screaming about Baxter?

No?  Oh.

Well, I did. 

Pete was a dear friend from my college days who lost his life in a plane crash in Houston in 1980.  This past Sunday would have been his 51st birthday.

Chili peppers used to season food in Americas for at least 6100 years February 16, 2007

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Science.  Is there anything it can’t do?

How did they do this you ask? 

Well I’ll tell you.  They analyzed starch microfossils recovered from grinding stones and cookware shards, and found traces of chili peppers on them.

They licked them or something.  The article doesn’t say.

History tells us Christopher Columbus got the credit for taking chili peppers back to Europe and everybody went crazy for the stuff.  So we have that to thank him for except we already had them here and appreciated them so what do I care what he did with em after that?