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Decisions, decisions October 10, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in drama, stuff.

Been wondering what to do with this blog for a while now, and kinda kickin myself about it.

Most of you know a couple of months ago, ace extended an invitation to me to co-blog at AceofSpadesHQ, which took me all of about 2 seconds to accept.  Since then I’ve struggled to keep up with 3 blogs, (most of you know I also post at Splitters Innocent Bystanders).

What to do?  I’ve felt badly, because I really haven’t been doing my best here, heck, if you’re gonna do your best, and you can post it on a blog that gets 15,000 hits a day, you tend to save it up and put it there.

For the more personal stuff, IB works just fine for me.  They’re a nice buncha morons, and they put up with me.  You know, that annoying kid brother who you love for some reason but you’d really like mom to make him go away when you invite the girlfriends over for a pajama party. 

But I feel like a slacker here, for the few of you who are kind enough to drop by and see if I’ve done anything.  And if I have, it’s not really my best effort.  That’s lame of me, and unkind to you.

I like this thing, and I learned a lot from it, but I’m gonna let it go dark for a while.  Doesn’t mean I won’t come back to it, ace might sober up one day and realize what a horrible mistake it all was.  Until then, thank you so much for reading and commenting, and the ego boost/encouragement.  That was darn nice of you all, and I appreciate it more than I know how to say.

Pope out.

Appalachian State Shakes Up AP Polls September 8, 2007

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I’m not a big fan of polls anyway, but I agree with their decision to give Division I-AA teams a shot at the rankings with Division I-A teams.

They certainly earned it.

Given the “strength of schedule” formulas, they probably couldn’t move up, even if they went undefeated for the rest of their season.  Still, it’s a lot more than those guys ever expected could happen, and I’m sure they’re excited about it.

When the internets go down May 13, 2007

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Pretty much like this where I work.

Pulling out all the stops April 30, 2007

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Most of you would recognize the distinctive sound of this instrument immediately, without really knowing why.  You’ve heard it all your life. 


The Hammond B3 Organ

Invented by Laurens Hammond in 1934, this instrument made its way into music history, gospel, blues, jazz, funk and rock.  The spectrum of American music for almost 80 years.  The list of artists who have recorded and performed with this amazing instrument is a long one… from Sam Brown, Count Basie and Eddie Baxter, to Jon Lord (Deep Purple), Rick Wright (Pink Floyd), Keith Emerson (ELP), Gregg Rolie (Santana, Journey), Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Gregg Allman… who hasn’t recorded on a B3 is probably a shorter list. 


What made it so unique?  The design was revolutionary, as they say.  Traditional organ engineering combined with electronics, the precursor to the synthesizer.  Two 61-key keyboards, or manuals, the upper (swell) and the lower (great), and a full two octave set of footpedals.  Waveforms are modified by pulling out the drawbars or stops, giving the keyboardist a way to create a unique sound.

But the sound you know the best is when this monster is hooked up to a Leslie speaker cabinet.  The B3 was designed to be used with an external speaker, and the Leslie made it famous.  Designed by Don Leslie, the speaker cabinet has a rotating horn over a stationary treble speaker, and a rotating baffle beneath a fixed bass woofer.  The speed of the horn and baffle can be adjusted to give it that “wah-wah-wah-wah-wah” sound.


Leslie 122 Speaker Cabinet

These two animals weigh about 400 pounds apiece.  I remember lugging one around from church to church in 1977 and I never complained about my Bassman again.  Super keyboardists like Wakeman and Emerson would be surrounded on a stage by rows of Moogs and electric pianos, and still insisted on dragging these brutes with them.  They loved them that much.


Rick Wright

What can a B3 do that’s sultry and sweet?

Glad you asked.

The knee, redux April 10, 2007

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Second scope Monday at 6:30.

Hope we fix the damn thing this time around.  I’m starting to feel like Dennis Weaver.

If you don’t know what I mean, you are young and very likely quite lovely.

If you do know what I mean, you have matured gracefully, and carry a remarkable glow of loveliness into this 5 year period before you reach middle-age.  Maybe 6 years, depending on the miles.

Either way you all have a better left knee than me.

MINOR UPDATE:  I was joking with the surgeon that he could use the same holes in my knee he made back in December.  He just laughed in response.

But this morning I see I still only have 3 holes in my knee.

Funny guy.

Other duties as required March 28, 2007

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There are many tasks relegated to the husband and father of teenage daughters.  These are basic, simple for us to understand largely because they were our responsibilities as teenage boys growing up.  We were trained early in life that mowing and basic yard work was going to be up to us, as was taking out the trash.  We would be the ones who take care of vehicles and clean out the garage.


No big deal, I’m happy to do all those things and more.


There are however, unwritten responsibilities that may befall you if you, like me, happen to be married and have daughters.  You will have to respond according to the exigencies of the service, as they say in the military.  One of those will be procuring feminine hygiene products.


Insane German kid wants Chinese mercenaries to kick Pam Andersen’s Jamie Pressly’s ass March 7, 2007

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I think it’s Pam.  Hard to tell.

UPDATE: Commenter Brass says it’s Jamie Pressly.

And I don’t know if it’s all a put on, but it’s so funny it still works for me.  He’s very passionate.

Some sorta-NSFW subtitles, not awful.  A letter with a few ****s

Beer-launching fridge February 28, 2007

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This would be handy.

Eddiebear via AceofSpadesHQ

Awesome model F-14 video February 26, 2007

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Over at Hot Air.

Maverick, where are you?

Goodbye Pamela February 22, 2007

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It’s time. 

It couldn’t last.  In this crazy world, what chance did we have?

She lives in her world, and I live in mine.  I live in my colder, northern hemisphere, crazy Texas retardo-Dave world.

She’s a model.

I’m a goober.

She’s young and pretty.

I’m, I’m not young, and not pretty.

She’s wealthy.

That one hurts.

I hear some of you, I know what you’re thinking.  “Did I use her”?

Yer damned skippy I used her.

Everything comes to an end.  But one more, just one more.  For the good times.