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“Quick Draw McGraw” fobs crime by shooting himself in the testicle November 28, 2006

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Someone was using a firearm and apparently doesn’t know how it works.

While attempting to kidnap a teenager in a dispute over stereo speakers (which strikes me as kinda small potatoes when you’re thinking “Hey, I can solve this dispute with aggravated kidnapping”, but then this bonehead doesn’t strike me as a deep thinker anyway), assailaint shoves handgun into waistband.  Shoots a nut.  In his excitement and distress, he manages to shoot himself again in the leg.

That’s mighty impressive there.

Now I know some of you think I dwell too much on these “the twins are in peril” stories, when I regaled you with tales of my own experience with the needle and “lefty” (and righty, I did get them both fixed, a two-fer), but put that aside for a moment.

I am curious.



Men, don’t become another PMS statistic November 25, 2006

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Good advice here.


Civil war photograph unearthed, uh, discovered. Whatever. November 24, 2006

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My granny called it the War of Northern Aggression.

How to talk like a pirate November 23, 2006

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Please lift up Brian and Kevin, and their families November 22, 2006

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Of local interest, very sad November 21, 2006

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A puppy at the Weatherford Animal Shelter tested positive for rabies.

As a result, a call went out to almost 50 families who had adopted dogs within the last seven days.

The information came out, and the families responded..

“Can’t you test him for rabies”?

Would anyone care to tell us how you test an animal for rabies?

Yep.  2 ways.

One, you open their head and examine their brain for signs of the infection.

Two, you place them in quarantine for 10 days and wait to see if they die.

I cannot imagine the pain and distress the people who had to bring these animals back are going through.  If they had children, dear God, even more.

My heart also goes out to the nice people at the Weatherford Animal Shelter, who had to help family after family, or individuals, deal with the sadness of the situation.

Anybody brings this up next week I’ll disavow it.  Both of you are on f’n’ notice.

UPDATE: A reader emails me that all but 3 of the animals have been released back to their families, and the other 3 are still under observation for a while longer.

Thanks to Leslie, who apparently drew the short straw and had to read my blog this week.

How to ruin Thanksgiving November 17, 2006

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I have enjoyed fried turkey many times.  It cooks fast, and it’s very tender and quite juicilicious.

However a lot of morons injure themselves ignoring basic safety precautions.

So, quick review.

Outside.  Not garage.

Pre-measure oil with bird in displaced water.  Most common boo boo is too much oil.

Wrap propane line with foil.

Don’t stand over the darn thing and drop it in, use a rod with the bird suspended and two guys… lower slowly.

Make sure it’s thawed and brined.

Cook safely.  Eat.  Enjoy.  Emergency rooms suck on holidays.  I speak from experience.

Now THIS is an amazing line up November 16, 2006

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Ad for BBC Radio.  Elvis with Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Marvin Gaye, et.al.

Pretty clever

Bobby Knight slap – big deal? November 14, 2006

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I don’t know.  I’ve watched the video a few times.. seems like nothing more than getting the kid’s attention.  But it’s Knight and it ain’t like the man doesn’t have a problem managing his temper, so he’ll catch hell over it.

What got me was the expression on the assistant’s face standing behind him.  Is it me, or does that guy look like he’s thinking “oh shit”?

Always admired their guitar skillz November 13, 2006

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Not to mention their vocals.

Good stuff.