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Geraldo Rivera, Tough Guy September 2, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, drama.

How tough?  Why, if he ever saw that vile Michelle Malkin in New York, he’d just spit on her.

Let that sink in for a minute, and then let’s ask ourselves a question.

What kind of pussy threatens to spit on a woman?  For a guy that whines and bitches about “the hate” that fuels the discourse, he openly admits he’d spit on a woman he hates?

You’re a media clown pal, and you’re so wrapped up in yourself you can’t even see it.  You’re almost Sullivan-esque in your ability to contradict yourself in record-setting time, but until now I hadn’t seen you prick your machismo with such an embarrasingly girly threat.  Now you’re just a regular clown, like the rest of us.  Well done sir, very well done.

You go girl.


1. cranky - September 2, 2007

Heraldo Rivera — Girly Man.

2. S. Weasel - September 2, 2007

Which begs the hypothetical — what would you do if you saw a man spit on a woman on the streets of New York?

3. daveintexas - September 3, 2007

I’d whip out the Zippo and light up his stache.

4. Wickedpinto - September 3, 2007


I really hate my fathers wife, but I would never threaten her, or go out of my way in anyway to assist or harm her. As far as I’m concernd she doesn’t exist, except for that small kernel I can’t purge that knows that I hate her.

5. nicedeb - September 3, 2007

Next he’ll challenge her to a sissy-slap fight.

I’d pay to watch Michelle deck him.

6. Wickedpinto - September 6, 2007

Pretty much only thing small enough that the minute dainty michelle can wield as a weapon is Vern Troyer, or a chinese action figure covered in lead paint.

7. Geraldo Rivera - September 7, 2007

You shut up or I’ll scratch your eyes out!

*runs off crying*

8. Bill Hatley - September 10, 2007

8. You are nasty to say something like that to a lady. You should
be spanked you nasty little boy. You need to be in Mexico where
they do things like this don’t you ? That the way you were raised isn’t it? Please don’t do this to this poor little girl, I would rather you do
it to me than her.Come on down to Texas and I’ll let you spit on
both sides of my face then I will respond.

Thank You

9. JB - September 14, 2007

Thing is if I were a little younger, and better looking and had something to offer Michelle.. oh hell now I’m mad and depressed..lol

Geraldo has become an caricature of himself.

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