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John McCain: Life isn’t fair August 17, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, Politics.

McCain feeds media spin that his campaign faltered because of his support for Bush’s Iraq strategy.

Nothing to do with that immigration reform thingy that almost 70% of the country had some heartburn with.

“It’s entertaining, in that I was the greatest critic of the initial four years, three and a half years,” McCain said. “I came back from my first trip to Iraq and said, ‘This is going to fail. We’ve got to change the strategy’ to the one we’re using now. But life isn’t fair.”

Sometimes life is fair Senator.  Sometimes.

UPDATE: Caught this article this morning, McCain on Wednesday admitting that in addition to the public perception on Iraq, the immigration issue might also have cost him some support.  Still, he’s willing to consider other points of view.

“Look, I’ve got to do what I know is right for this country. These issues I have to take head-on,” he said

Steady.  Courage.



1. BrewFan - August 17, 2007

Are they really this detached from reality? On one hand I’d like to think so because the alternatives (dishonesty and/or stupidity) are too depressing to contemplate.

2. TXMarko - August 18, 2007




What goes around, comes around.

Bite me, McCain.

3. TXMarko - August 18, 2007

Brew, I don’t believe they are that detached from reality.

They just believe that WE are detached from reality, and they try to spin reality for their own use.

Exhibit “A”: Democrat voters.

4. Myron - August 18, 2007

“Put a democrat and a republican in a barrel and roll them down a hill – and I guarantee there will be a lying, thieving son-of-a-bitch on top every inch of the way!” – Bill Green’s Grandpa

5. lauraw - August 18, 2007
6. daveintexas - August 18, 2007

Damn. Moron kids all think they’re bulletproof and invisible.

Last time I knew about a 16 year old boy launching a car at 85mph, it landed in a bunch of oak trees by the side of the road and burst into flames.

He had just gotten his license that week.

7. criminyjicket - August 18, 2007

McCain either fears being president, and is sabotaging himself, or is beyond any shadow of a doubt the dumbest candidate to ever walk the face of the earth.

8. bmaccomic - August 18, 2007

“McCain either fears being president, and is sabotaging himself, or is beyond any shadow of a doubt the dumbest candidate to ever walk the face of the earth.”
–I think that he is just running the last campaign. Being a “maverick” played well for him in 2000. He nearly won the nomination (I believe he won NH & Michigan and had Bush on the ropes). Now, if he realized that his core constituency, the mainstream media, is disdained or reviled by most conservatives, he might have gone farther this time.
–I don’t think that he lost this time because he is not conservative enough. Guiliani just appealed much better to the relatively liberal side of the Republican Party. I think the real conservatives aren’t excited

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