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goddamn Redskins November 5, 2006

Posted by daveintexas in Leftard Freakshow, terrorist hemorrhoids.


1. geoff - November 5, 2006

But the Broncos did just fine.

2. harrison - November 6, 2006

Your language.

3. a-a - November 6, 2006

T.O. Sucks and the Tuna has lost his balls. T.O. intentionally gets a 15 yard penalty against the team and then yells at his coach on the sidelines? WTF? Then he drops a potentially gamewinning pass – but its ok – he says he owes the team one now. Fantastic.

First the Niners, then the Eagles and now the Cowboys. This idiot is going to destroy your team, dude.

4. Veeshir - November 7, 2006

As a Giants fan I have to admit, I was very happy when they got T.O.
At first I figured he would destroy the team by mid-season. Then, with the refusal to practice and play in pre-season, I figured they would be destroyed by the beginning of the season. My first guess appears to be on track, if a little optimistic. Maybe they won’t get all self-recriminationy for a couple weeks, although if they aren’t winning big at the half with TO getting 8 passes thrown at him and catching them all, I see trouble on the sidelines next week.

Either way, with TO and Parcells, the Cowboys are screwed for years to come. Why? He’s screwed every team he ever coached when he left, and he even screwed one he never coached (Tampa).

He waited until both his defensive and offensive coordinators left before announching retirement after winning the Super Bowl with the Giants. The result? Ray Handley and a quarterback controversy between Dave Brown and Kent Graham. I was fondly recalling Joe Pisarcik at that time (he of the Miracle at the Meadowlands).

So sorry Dave, your team is destined for at least 2-3 years of suckitude after aligning the two preeminent destructors of teams currently in the NFL.

Again, as a Giants fan, I say it couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

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