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Teenage driving and cell phone tragedy July 16, 2007

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Stuff like this breaks my heart, and also feeds my anxiety.  I truly hate these tales.

But I’m posting it as a service to the 5 readers of my moron blog – some of whom have kids driving now.

Five recent high school graduates perish in a head on collision, authorities suspect cell phone text messaging may have contributed to the crash.

17 year old Bailey Goodman had just passed another vehicle on a two lane road when her SUV swerved into an oncoming tractor-trailer.  Her vehicle crossed left into the oncoming lane.  Authorities were able to determine that her cell phone had been in use receiving a text message less than one minute before the crash. 

They don’t know, and can’t know, if Bailey was the one using the phone.  They will never know.  And we don’t know and will never know if it contributed to the accident or not.

Drugs and alcohol were not involved.



A Memorial Day time out May 24, 2007

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Mostly cause I need a break.  It’s been a tough week.

It wasn’t all bad though.

My newest baby arrived this week, from the communist bastards exquisite luthiers of the Carvin custom shop in Cah-leefor-nee=ya-ay.


I might have been a little frustrated about the length of time on this build.  But the product was worth the wait.


The Crap Tree December 21, 2006

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BUMPED on account of it’s CHRISTMAS! 

I wrote this little nothing story two years ago.  Michele at asmallvictory.net was kind enough to publish it and I found out what a huge rush it was to write things that touched some of us, common experiences, feelings we shared. 

Incidentally, you can catch up with Michele and a bunch of cool writers at Faster than the World

The comments and emails kind of encouraged me to finally start blogging on my own, that and Michael inviting me to be a guest commenter at Innocent Bystanders.  Later on, in a moment of weakness, or what I like to refer to as “the lost weekend”, ace at AceofSpadesHQ asked me to be a guest commenter on his very popular blog, and I embarrassed the hell out of him until he decided to sober up and take control again.  I also had a couple of gigs at Rightwingsparkle.com, and I like to think it was me that drove her to real life.  Rumors that she retired to carry our love child into the world are vile accusations not worthy of a response, and I’m quite certain she will not dignify them with even a “what the hell are you smoking Dave”? But I was hooked on the blogging thing. So I pretty much blame them   I was ok until they did whatever they did to me. Since then I’ve regaled all four of you with tales and humourous anecdotes.  Don’t be shocked, I really don’t know how to spell humourous. Anyway, I thought I would bore the three of you left with this, my first blog piece, back when I stood on the shoulders of giants, and threw peanuts onto the third baseman trying to snag the pop fly. Please love me.  I hope you enjoy it. (more…)

To those parents who have teens who are about to drive cars December 10, 2006

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You are about to learn just how not in control you are.

There is nothing worse than watching your child get behind the wheel and drive away.

Perhaps getting eaten by a walrus.  I’m not sure.

I just know watching your child drive off sucks.

You can’t protect them anymore.  You can’t take a bullet for them.  They’re on their own, and that’s hard to deal with.

5 years ago, on a cool December night, I was helping a friend of mine put together one of those basketball things.  I had done one a couple of years earlier for my eldest and I knew how to do it.  We had finished a couple of beers, and he blinked and said “oh crap, I gotta put that together for ____”.

I said, “no big… I know how it works, let’s knock it out”.

And while we were assembling it, we heard a car off in the distance.  Tires squealed.  Shrieked.  Then a crash.

He jumped in his truck to go check it out (he used to be a cop).  I grabbed a fire extinguisher when we smelled smoke, and went after him.

Maybe 3 minutes.

When we got there, a car was stuck in the trees and engulfed in flames. 

A sixteen year old boy was in there. 

I hope and I believe he died in the impact.  I really don’t know.

The officers guessed he was driving about 90 miles per hour, down a two lane road, hit a rise, and launched his car across the road.  He had just gotten his license, that week. 

Later the shrine appeared..  a small white cross.  Some pictures, newer ones with high school friends.

Older ones of a younger child.

A stuffed toy.  Notes from his young friends.  Unbearable sorrow.

I took my child there the day before she got her license.  I showed it to her, I let her look at his picture..  I told her the story.  And then I took her chin and pulled it toward my face, and I said “Sweetie, you are not bulletproof, and you are not invisible.  This boy died because he did something stupid, he drove way too fast, and he lost control, and he died.

He was a month older than you”.

I asked her “please don’t ever do this”.

It’s hard to believe, but your fifteen year old kid may not hang on your every word.

They might pay attention to something like this.  I hope so.

Teach your children well.

Sudden dumbass death syndrome September 17, 2006

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I hesitated writing about this.  I wanted to get it out.  I did not want to expose it to the world.

And then I thought “what better place than here?  you can write about it, and 3 people will read it”.


Landscaping, sprinkler system rebuild? September 14, 2006

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or THIS? 


I am conflicted.  I admit it.

Like this… May 22, 2006

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How'd that get in here?

My Rig May 16, 2006

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An SWR Mo Bass amp.  900 watts.




You really don't need a heck of a lot of effects for rock/jazz bass.  Some eq.  A little distortion is nice.  But you do need the power up on the stage.  Mostly for your dumb ass drummer who grooves to the feel of his hair getting knocked around.

Two cabinets.  I don't often need em both, but I have always loved that Hartke aluminum cone.



The 4×10 weighs almost 100 lbs.  I don't throw it around like I used to.

Incidentally, I blew out one of the 10" speakers a couple of years ago.  The nice folks at SamsonTech (Hartke) make you send them the old busted one before they will sell you a replacement.

Product integrity.  I respect that.

A tuner… I have the Korg chromatic.  Just cause I could.


And a power conditioner… some of these old Texas roadhouses have some creative electricity.


120 is a good number.

All racked up in a set with wheels.

That's important these days.  I like wheels.

Anyway, that's my stuff.

Oh wait.  I forgot the subwoofer.


Two 15" speakers.  And it has it's own wheels.

Couldn't have designed it better myself.

Fish May 1, 2006

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Much easier to take care of than a beagle.


Sharktail is the neon tetra on the left (kid named him, he is the only survivor of the "original 5" as I like to refer to their deceased carcasses).

The orange platy in the center is Dick Cheney.  The striped tetra on the right is William Howard Taft.


Chinese algae eater on the left… Grover Cleveland.  The emerald cory is Herbert Hoover.

He's a bottom feeder.  Get it?  Hoover?  I'm cracking up here.


Ronald Reagan.  The guppy.


Robert Kennedy.  He looks nervous, doesn't he?

Another shot of Dick Cheney, being chased by his boss Ronald Reagan.


Andrew Jackson


I can't believe I waited this long in life to have an aquarium.  You talk about relaxing at the end of the day, watch this stuff for 20 minutes.