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Never Forget September 11, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in honor, War.

See-Dubya reminded me of Project 2996.  This is the small post I wrote for Rocco Medaglia.

Choosing my words carefully here. 

It’s not that I don’t think memorials are fine and proper things.  I do.  They evoke remembrances of people who were taken from us, from their families and loved ones.  They hurt, and for a while we feel bad.  And that’s ok.

At some point we have to get past that.  I do not mean forget.  I mean move on, keep living.  If we don’t, it would be as if we lost some part of our lives too, you know?

We are at war with the same menace that took Rocco’s life, and so many others, so mercilessly.  That threat still exists, and it is real.  Attacks continued, and will continue, and we have to take them on.

It’s easy to get tired of it.  I’m tired of it, I understand.  You have to find something inside you that keeps you going, keeps you ready and willing to face your enemy, and fight them.

When I see Rocco’s big smiling face, I get sad.  I do.

Then I get pissed off.  Mad at the bastards that killed him, mad at the bastards who insist it was all our fault, that we had it coming, that we deserved it.

So I’ll be sad for a bit today.  I’ll indulge it.  But only for a while.