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Waiting To See if the Crazy RWS Stalker Will Persist October 6, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in drama.

All she’s really done is insult me.  Lamely, but she’s given it her shot.

That’s not so bad, really.  Not worth pulling the trigger on outing her.  So I won’t.  If she persists it’s just more evidence of her weird RWS obsession, and that shit is legendary.

Frankly she’s paying more attention to this old blog of mine than I am.

Thanks crazy obsessive stalker goof!


1. harrison - October 6, 2007

Where is she?

2. S. Weasel - October 7, 2007

Dude be trippin.

3. eddiebear - October 7, 2007

Some people need to get over themselves. These stalkers are fucking lame.

4. Bosk - October 8, 2007

hahahaha…Dave’s got a stalker?
Dude you’ve made the big time.

That’s just too funny.

5. R30C - October 9, 2007

Meh, anyone who names herself after a French tire company isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Myself, I prefer Kelly’s.

6. R30C - October 9, 2007

BTW, if you wanna piss her off like I did a while back on her blog, she likes cats, and occasionally fishes. Bring up the old tying a treble hook onto a kitten and tossing it into the water while trolling for muskie. From her response I gathered she didn’t care for the fishing tip, and all I was trying to do was help her out.

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