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Sicherheit schaffen – Swiss Political Party Proposes Tougher Deportation Policy September 1, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, Politics.

“For more security”.  The Swiss Peoples Party (their largest political party) is drawing fire for evoking Nazi-like and Stalinist “purges” for their recommendation that immigrants convicted of crimes should be deported along with their families.

One of the most contentious subjects is a poster of the program, which depicts three white sheep kicking out a black sheep.  They are attempting to collect the 100,000 signatures necessary to force a referendum.

Well, yeah, I can see how some people would interpret that poster with a double meaning.  But listen to how much sense they’re making.

“We believe that parents are responsible for bringing up their children. If they can’t do it properly, they will have to bear the consequences,” Ueli Maurer, president of the People’s Party, told The Associated Press.

Shut. Up.  They are?

He explained that his party has long campaigned to make deportation compulsory for convicted immigrants rather than an optional and rarely applied punishment.

The party claims foreigners — who make up about 20 percent of the population — are four times more likely to commit crimes than Swiss nationals.

I’ll be interesting to see if they can force a vote, and even more interesting to see how the vote goes.

I think I know how.