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In a normal August, Texas would welcome the additional rain August 15, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

This isn’t a normal August.



1. kevlarchick - August 15, 2007

You guys are going to get hammered. Looks worse by the hour.

2. Dave in Texas - August 15, 2007

We live for hammering.

Gov. Goodhair has mobilized the Texas National Guard and some helicopter water rescue teams. Good move.

3. TXMarko - August 15, 2007

I dunno about the coast or central Texas, but up here in Northeast Texas we could stand a good inch, maybe inch and a half.

I got half-inch cracks in the ground now where water stood just a month ago.

Everyone around me is caught up on hay harvest. I say bring it on.

4. TXMarko - August 15, 2007

Governor Goodhair?


5. daveintexas - August 15, 2007

It’s a “Molly Ivinism” for Perry. Even though I couldn’t stand her, she could be damned funny on occasion.

And yeah, this cleechy soil breaks pretty fast under our normal August sun, doesn’t it?

6. TXMarko - August 15, 2007

We got mostly “blackland” clay. I’m sure there is a geological term, but I don’t have that at hand.

The water either runs off it too fast, or if it rains too quickly or for too long, it will just find the lowest spot and SIT there.

The cool thing is, I can track a heavy rainstorm that hits our place, and watch the runoff as it passes thru several USGS real-time monitoring sites on its’ way to the lakes.

Good Heavens, I am pathetic.

I DO have a life. Honest.

7. cranky - August 15, 2007

Hey Dave, how about diverting that stuff on over here to Alabama? Bad drought here this year. Corn fields have turned brown around here. Farmers taking a real hit.

8. nicedeb - August 15, 2007

We had a wet spring, but the summer’s been mostly dry. Pretty typical for us. It had been a very comfortable summer until the past couple of weeks. Now the heat is on!

My tomatoes are wonderful.

9. cranky - August 16, 2007

My tomatoes are wonderful.


10. nicedeb - August 16, 2007


11. Dave in Texas - August 16, 2007



Wish I could send it to ya cranky, we’re full up here. This year’s rainfall officially ended an 8 year drought in Texas.

Our farmers are gettin hit cause the fields are too wet to get in and cut.

12. Madfish Willie - August 16, 2007

Had to empty my rain gauge at the house when I got home this afternoon… must’ve had 7″ or 8″ today… had to turn around three times on the way home due to roads flooding… more wet stuff scheduled for tomorrow!

13. BrewFan - August 17, 2007

I see they have flash flood warnings around GoodBuddy Airplane Patch today. When I was stationed there that was the first time I saw grade crossings through creeks so that when it rained and for awhile thereafter the creek was flowing right over the freakin’ road!

14. daveintexas - August 17, 2007

Yeah, San Antonio and south Texas got hammered yesterday. We’re supposed to get 5-7 here today, but it seems scattered.

And Hurricane Dean might be giving us more serious shit next week.

15. Stormy70 - August 17, 2007

Last night we got an inch or two in the DFW area. It was a thunder and lightning storm, but it has cooled us off, so yah!

My roses look awesome, and my encores are starting to bloom again.

16. TXMarko - August 18, 2007

We got less than a tenth of an inch, but we cooled off and got to watch Stormy’s… storm, I guess? Great lightning display.

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