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Boy rescued after 6 hour Dead Sea ordeal August 5, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, drama.

I’m thinking the father of Shneur Zalman Friedman, age 8, is not in the running for Jerusalem’s dad of the year.

Officials said the high saline content of the water helped keep the lad afloat, but had he consumed any of it he might have drowned.

He’s none the worse for wear (we stress tested both of our kids and they are TOUGH), but I’m glad this turned out well.  The authorities said “we were looking for a body, and we found a boy”.

Thank goodness.


1. nicedeb - August 5, 2007

Ohhh….that poor child, floating alone in the pitch black dark of night for 6 hours, saying his prayers.

Too much.

I’m so glad he was rescued.

2. S. Weasel - August 5, 2007

I’ve always heard the salt is so dense in the Dead Sea you can cross your ankles and float forever. Errrr…I guess everybody’s heard that, so never mind.

Happy ending.

3. PattyAnn - August 6, 2007

Are they gonna have to rename it now?

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