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Just in case July 31, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, Finger paints.

there are any of you who read my moron-blog who don’t read AceofSpadesHQ,

I got a new gig.

I know, I doubt there’s anyone who reads this who doesn’t also frequent AoS.  But I like to be thorough.



1. TXMarko - July 31, 2007


Congrats, dude!

2. geoff - July 31, 2007

No more slinking around, waiting for Ace to leave before you can post – now you’ve arrived.

I think it’s way cool.

3. daveintexas - July 31, 2007

thanks guys. I’m as happy as a little girl.

4. nicedeb - July 31, 2007

I thought you always had posting rights, over there.

What’s different?

5. cranky - July 31, 2007

Congratulations, Dave. Now you can take paraffin dipping mainstream and out of the closet.

6. daveintexas - July 31, 2007

well deb, you’re right in a way.

on a couple of occasions, bout a year and a half ago and a year ago, ace invited me to guest post along with some others (mostly IBers) while he was going to be out of town.

he started creating userids and passwords for the lot of us, but ran out of time, so he asked us to use his uid/pw. Which we all did (those of use who posted then).

When he came back, we settled down and gave up our guest posting privileges, and things went back to normal.

Funny thing is, he created an id and password for me in Feb of 06. But he never told me, and I never used it.

Anyway, this time it’s different in the sense that I’m not a guest blog-doof.

7. geoff - July 31, 2007

Time to talk about the evils of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization!

8. Chris - August 1, 2007

Funny, I didn’t think Ace like girls.

9. Tushar D - August 1, 2007

Good gig, cowboy!

10. Cuffy Meigs - August 1, 2007

Great dealio! What are your posting guidelines? Any quotas on metrosezzual topics?

11. Dave in Texas - August 1, 2007

Those aren’t off limits Cuffy, but I was adminished by ace that there will be no pool-blogging.

12. John Galt - August 1, 2007

Skydiving? Where?

Are you the Dave we all call “Dancin Dave” ??

13. Pupster - August 1, 2007

That’s awesome Dave!

14. Dave in Texas - August 1, 2007

heh. I believe John is referring to my official AoS Employment Application.


thanks guys. I feel like bustin out with Mr. Paul Anka’s “I’m Nobody”.

15. John Galt - August 2, 2007

Didn’t know if the part about skydiving on the application was serious or not but it got me thinking about people named Dave I know that jump at North Texas drop zones…..

16. Dave in Texas - August 2, 2007

heh, nope. I put a parachute on once in my whole life, on a test flight in an MC-130. Don’t ever want to do it again.

17. Lipstick - August 2, 2007

Wow, congratulations Dave!

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