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Minister tells court “marijuana is a sacrament” July 28, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

The right reverend Craig X. Rubin appeared in court facing state drug charges, for distributing dope to members of his Temple 420 Church.  He claimed it was protected under federal law as a religious observance.  Judge Mary Strobel disagreed.

Rubin, who is defending himself, says his church believes marijuana is the Tree of Life mentioned in the Bible.

I’m no Lutheran, but I was pretty sure I could research this myself, so I grabbed a concordance and started my search.  I couldn’t find anything in the OT, but I did come across a reference in the book of Tobit.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tobit (or Tobias), it is a book of scripture that is part of the Catholic and Orthodox biblical canon.  Protestants regard it as part of the apochypha.  I looked it up on Wikipedia (had to, I don’t have a Catholic bible).  There I saw that it tells the story of a “righteous” Jew of the tribe of Naphtali living in Nineveh.

Right there was my first clue.  Tobit was “righteous“.  Maybe there’s something here.

So I started reading.  Tobit got himself crossed up with King Sennacherib for burying some cousins that the king had killed, and he was exiled for a while, but he was allowed to come back after the king kicked the bucket.  Things weren’t going well though, and a bird pooped in his eyes.

Meanwhile we read this chick named Sarah had been engaged 7 times, but she was possessed by an evil spirit and kept killing the guys before the wedding.  God sent his angel Raphael (another clue!) to go fix things.

Things get interesting in Chapter 6.

  1. And Tobias went forward, and the dog followed him, and he lodgeth the first night by the river of Tigris.

  2. And he went out to washeth his feet, and behold a monstrous fish came up to devour him.

  3. And Tobias being afraid of him, crieth out with a loud voice, saying: Sir, he cometh upon me.

  4. And the angel said to him: Taketh him by the gill, and draw him to thee. And when he had done so, he drew him out upon the land, and he began to pant before his feet.

  5. Then the angel said to him: Taketh out the entrails of the fish, and lay up his heart, and his gall, and his liver for thee: for these are necessary for useful medicines.

  6. And Tobias did these things.

  7. And Raphael said “Awesome.  Speaking of medicines, taketh a hit of this”.  And Tobias tooketh a drag, and in time, all was revealed to him in mindthought blowing detail.


Definitive?  Hardly.  But the whole big fish thing?  You know the boy was trippin.

Check out verse 12:22

   22.  Then they lying prostrate for three hours upon their face, blessed God: and rising up, they told all his wonderful works.


And haven’t we all been there before?

Anyway, Rev. Craig is still screwed.



1. Michael - July 28, 2007

Your are truly a gifted exegete, Dave.

2. Michael - July 28, 2007


3. daveintexas - July 28, 2007

I don’t snooze in Sunday School.

4. kevlarchick - July 28, 2007

Well, you know that whole 420 thing….

5. daveintexas - July 28, 2007

what’s 420?

put me some knowledge.

6. geoff - July 28, 2007

420 is code for smopin’ doke. The origins are a bit hazy (heh), but it’s a standard part of the lexicon these days.

7. daveintexas - July 28, 2007

ach. tanks kc an geoff

8. TXMarko - July 31, 2007
9. Craig X Rubin - August 15, 2007

I was just trying to reach my community with the gospel…I have been part of the stoner community for years…on the show Weeds on showtime I play myself because I am well known in the pot world as a conservative family man for legalizing pot…I was just trying to do “pot” in a responsible way…reaching my people with the Word of God.

10. Dave in Texas - August 15, 2007

I’m a live and let live kinda guy Craig. Hope you didn’t mind my goofing around with the story.

How’s the case going? I doubt we’ll see much news coverage on the outcome, but I’m obviously interested.

11. The Illuminati - August 15, 2007

420 is some reference to the number of ingredients in the ganja.

Back in the day I love smoking weed. I don’t do it anymore, because it is still illegal and the price is too high for me to risk. I can’t afford to lose my job.

12. kevlarchick - August 15, 2007

Above was me.

13. daveintexas - August 15, 2007

Yes, funny how conservative we become as we have more to lose.

14. BrewFan - August 15, 2007

I was just trying to do “pot” in a responsible way…reaching my people with the Word of God

Rationalization brought to new and glorious heights. I’ll bet there are a lot of AODA counselors who wish they had a dollar for everytime they heard something like this.

15. steve_in_hb - August 15, 2007

The most frequent explanation I’ve seen for 420 is that a group of teenagers in Cali used to get together everyday at 4:20 to smoke out. They started using 420 as shorthand for smoking, and via the Grateful Dead subculture the term entered widespread use.

16. Dave in Texas - August 15, 2007

so, 6:20 CDT then?

17. Craig X Rubin - September 1, 2007

yes, 420 came from some teenagers in San Rafeal….and yes, I have a good sense of humor too….so no, I did not mind you goofing on the story….

I know people think I am full of it, but I truly believe and I know that our temple helped people…

The fact is most stoners don’t go to church…I had a church that people actually loved to come to (even stoners) church and fellowship with other members of our community.

18. daveintexas - September 1, 2007

Ok, thanks Craig. And to your point, Jesus didn’t spend much time in the synagogues did he? He went and found the sinners.

good luck

19. Rev. Craig X Rubin - April 24, 2008

Thanks for understanding….I just found your page again…things aren’t going well, but I just married two of our temple members at my house this past weekend…4/20 at 4:20PM…I know it is cliche, but hey…it is our culture and our church.

God bless anyone who finds this note!

craig x rubin

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