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Fame and glory July 16, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Blogroll, Current Events.

Frank J. blogrolled me at IMAO.

My evil plans are coming to fruition.



1. RightWingDuck - July 16, 2007

HEY! You have evil plans!

We have a special category for that. I”ll tell Frank J. to make the changes.

2. daveintexas - July 16, 2007

Well, sorta evil. Not “world class” evil. The kind of evil that would make your mom smack you in the head if she knew about it.

3. Cuffy Meigs - July 16, 2007

Dave, I gave you a heads up over at IB as well—here’s my NASA post:


4. Dave in Texas - July 16, 2007

thanks CM

5. nicedeb - July 16, 2007

Your evil plans?

Oh, that’s fine, as long as you keep bringing the funny.

6. daveintexas - July 16, 2007

I bring the retard.

If it’s funny, all the better.

7. Tushar D - July 16, 2007

Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) created a funny character. He felt that Satan, the Pitchfork wielding Prince of Darkness, who condemns you to Hell, is too extreme a character.

So he created Phil, the giant spoon wielding Prince of Insufficient Light, who might cast you in ‘Heck’ for minor infractions like double-dipping the chips in the dip..

8. Bosk - July 17, 2007

I just want to know one thing Dave.
Do you want to nuke the moon too?

9. Dave in Texas - July 17, 2007

It is a remarkably simple plan to achieve world peace.

10. PattyAnn - July 17, 2007

I just came here from Mountain Musings. I’m exploring the touchy/feely side right now. Actually, I’ve been reading about her non-gluten adventures. I’m not ready for Frank yet.

11. Retired Geezer - July 18, 2007

Well, that’s what you get for posting Interesting stuff.

Start posting pictures of your horses, cats and Rock Stars you used to know and you’ll drop off that blogroll quicker than Rosie can eat a sammich.

12. Pupster - July 19, 2007

*smacks lips*

Tastes bitter in here.

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