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“Two Buck Chuck” wins the gold at California State Fair July 13, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

Less than three-dollar a bottle Charles Shaw wins the Best Chardonnay award at the California State Fair Commerical Wine Competition.

The inexpensive wine nicknamed “Two Buck Chuck” beat out 350 contenders ranging in price from $18 to $55 a bottle.  It is mass-produced and sold exclusively through Trader Joe’s grocery stores.

“There’s going to be people out ther that don’t like the wine and that’s OK,” said chief judge G. M. “Pooch” Puchlowski. “You know, there are a lot of wines I don’t like. … So you drink what you like, don’t drink what you don’t and you go home a happy camper.”

Californians.  Drinking the wines that other Americans just won’t drink.


1. Myron - July 14, 2007

I thought the best wine came in box with a spigot on it so you can fill your glass right out of the frig.

2. nicedeb - July 14, 2007

I feel so totally vindicated right now.

3. daveintexas - July 14, 2007

How so Deb?

4. Wickedpinto - July 14, 2007

Thats actually happened many times. I think is the 3rd time 2buckchuck won the top prize.

5. Wickedpinto - July 14, 2007

The owner said on food network some time ago that the metal cap and the plastic wrapping actually maintains the vintage, rather than require age to change it’s nature.

6. nicedeb - July 14, 2007

Because cheap wine is the only kind I drink!

7. daveintexas - July 14, 2007

ah, well, get thee to Trader Joe’s and pick us up a case of chardonnay for the weekend

8. Slublog - July 15, 2007

Their Chardonnay is actually pretty good.

If you’re a wuss who drinks white wine, that is.

I’m with Hitchens on this one – “wine is red.”

9. nicedeb - July 15, 2007

He would know.

10. lauraw - July 15, 2007

I like red wine most of the time, but those warm Summer nights, red wine is too wintry…a nice crisp Chardonnay with notes of oak, toast, and vanilla, lightly chilled…mmmm

Really hot, oppressive Summer evenings call for G&T with lots of ice and lime though.

11. Dave in Texas - July 16, 2007

or a sauvignon blanc. mmmmm.

And you have to stop telling me you like gin… it’s way too sexy. I will forget my manners. Flash me your three teefes or something.

12. lauraw - July 16, 2007

I cracked one of them. I can show you 2 1/2 teeth today.


*buzzing fly weaves in and out between 2 1/2 buck teeth*

13. daveintexas - July 16, 2007


14. Slublog - July 16, 2007

Okay, there is one white wine I love to drink in the summer.

A slightly chilled gewurztraminer is outstanding.

15. Dave in Texas - July 16, 2007

You ever notice it’s all the really hot broads in movies from the 40s that drank gin?

Why am I going on about this?

Oh, a gwertuztrm.. what you said. I would have thought that’d be a bit sweet for your tastes slubs.

16. Slublog - July 16, 2007

Oh, a gwertuztrm.. what you said. I would have thought that’d be a bit sweet for your tastes slubs.

It’s got a little spice to it, though. Goes well with burgers.

Still, my favorite summer drink is a nice, cold beer.

17. daveintexas - July 16, 2007

ooo..burger wine.

*homer voice*

mmmmmmm… beer

18. Slublog - July 16, 2007

Beer: Germany’s apology for starting two wars.

19. See-Dubya - July 18, 2007

I drink the occasional two-buck chuck. It’s really inconsistent. One bottle will be OK and the next will be gack.

Usually they get better the more you drink but not with Chuck.

My folks just visited and my dad drinks gin and tonic, which I suddenly realized is better than any two dollar wine ever. It’s even better than air conditioning.

20. Bill - November 15, 2007

Was it the Charles Shaw California Chardonnay in the 2006 or 2005 vintage that won the award?

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