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One year ago – horror in Central Texas July 10, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

UPDATED LINK: The one to the Waco Trib expired.

A year later, they go to trial.  Two men, one a native of Honduras, the other from Mexico, accused of aggravated kidnapping.

The brutality of it is sickening.  An 18 year old girl is followed leaving a movie rental store.  Two men run her car off the road, and drag into into their car.  She is beaten.  She is cut with glass, and she is raped, over a 2 hour period.

Left on the side of the road.  Somehow she managed to walk a quarter of a mile to a trailer home to get help.  A 911 call gets her careflighted to a hospital.


She survived.

There’s been minor controversy in that a local television station refuses to state that these men are illegal immigrants.  I don’t find that remarkable.  Other media, including the Waco Tribune Herald make it clear they are in Texas illegally.  That the Trib decided to add some sap at the end of the article about the poor plight of the immigrant worker and how unkind the town of Mexia is to illegals, takes the points back off the board.

Gang activity?

Martinez’ aunt says Hernandez’ nickname was “El Salvatrucha”, and claims she warned her nephew to stay away from him (advise .  “Mara Salvatrucha” is the name of MS-13, a vicious gang that began in El Savador.  In a letter to his family written a few weeks after his arrest, he says he wants to ask his mother for forgiveness, and claims he has “failed his family”.

He signed his letter “Chilango 100%” – slang for “100% Mexico City native”.  Next to that, he wrote “Sur 13”, the name of another gang that orginated in south LA.

I’m thinking he didn’t get a lot of coaching on this letter from counsel.

His attorney did however advise him to take a plea deal, in which he plead guilty to three counts of aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping and attempted capital murder.  He received one life sentence, and is eligible for parole on 30 years.

Hernandez is rolling the bones in a trial.  The judge already declared a mistrial during jury selection.  I’m shocked.

Change of venue.  I wonder how far they’ll have to go?

UPDATE: Patterico is enfuego on Deport the Criminals First over at Hot Air



1. TXMarko - July 10, 2007

Just doing jobs that Americans won’t do….

Can’t we at least deport the illegals that are caught breaking the law?

2. daveintexas - July 10, 2007

I think in this case I’m perfectly happy to see them get chewed up in the Texas justice system for life.

One of the other articles I read mentioned an ICE official stating if by some miracle they are paroled, they are taken into custory by ICE and deported. I didn’t know that.


3. TXMarko - July 10, 2007

Deportation can occur in a pine box, as well.

4. TXMarko - July 10, 2007

How hard could it be to pass a law that calls for the Death Penalty for mere association with violent gangs?

These gangsters riddle their bodies with tattoos, boldly announcing their affiliations.

If you see one of these tattooed maniacs coming up to your doorstep or vehicle, you can be sure they are not asking for spare change…

5. cranky - July 10, 2007

Two rounds center mass. Security round to the head. None of that sissy 9mm stuff either (although I do have one of them), a good ole American made .45 ACP coming out of my steel mistress made by Kimber.

Send the trial to Alabama — we’ll treat him right.

Saw a bunch of Americans roofing my neighbors house today. Will wonders never cease.

6. North East Texas Trailers - July 10, 2007

awesome trailer. i am sooo ready.

7. Dave in Texas - July 11, 2007


8. LarryConley - July 11, 2007

Not worth a bullet… good rope can be reused over and over…

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