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USS Kitty Hawk in Sydney Australia July 8, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.


One of the commenters over at IB, TattooedIntellectual, mentioned they were off to go see the carrier USS Kitty Hawk which arrived in Sydney recently.  I found some pretty decent pics here.

Accompanying story, with some video.  The Kitty Hawk has been on joint manuevers with the Australian Navy and will be in Sydney for about 5 days.



1. Tushar D - July 8, 2007

USS Nimitz is visiting an Indian port, causing the Indian lefties conniptions!

2. daveintexas - July 8, 2007

I love it when we piss off people with our aircraft carriers.

3. Myron - July 8, 2007

Now that’s one big-ass target LOL

4. cranky - July 8, 2007

Not quite sure how to take that comment Myron. Perhaps you can explain what you meant by the “LOL?”

5. Wickedpinto - July 8, 2007

In 95, I saw the kittyhawk as she was either finishing upgrades, or development.

She’s beautiful.

6. Wickedpinto - July 8, 2007


Target it as you please, but she has more killing power in a single ship than most nations have in their entire arsenals.

7. eddiebear - July 8, 2007

The Kitty Hawk and assorted Carrier Groups are the best method of diplomacy.

8. Dave in Texas - July 9, 2007

Myron meant no harm, he’s a squid submariner who was taught to find those things and sink em.

And avoid those helicopter thingys and dying from the overpressure of the air-dropped torp.

9. Myron - July 9, 2007

You’re right there, Wickedpinto. But what good is all that killing power on the bottom of the ocean? And there are more airplanes and helicopters in the ocean than there are submarines in the sky. It always amused us that when we were playing targets for the surface navy and airdales, we were always restricted to course, depth and speed. But when we were the hunters, they could go anywhere in the op zone, in any direction and at any speed. But I’ll bet there are more photos of surface craft taken through periscopes than there are photos of periscopes taken from surface craft. And again Laughing Out Loud!

10. Dave in Texas - July 9, 2007

My old man (diesel boat sonarman) used to love it when they sent the “your dead” messages during exercises.

11. Wickedpinto - July 9, 2007

than there are submarines in the sky

Thats a GREAT line.

The swabbies I knew that were sub guys were the coolest cats.

12. Wickedpinto - July 9, 2007

and the dolphins is the coolest badge in all the armed services.

13. Dave in Texas - July 9, 2007

Dad gave me his to keep a few years ago. It’s a little tarnished, but something that means a lot to me.

14. Wickedpinto - July 9, 2007

There are a few Marines, Not many, and most of those are retreads who get to wear the dolphins. The jump wings, and the bubble are a big deal, but the dolphins are coveted like a nobles wife 150 years ago, assuming the coveter was a peasent.

15. Wickedpinto - July 9, 2007

And Dave, I deliberately shot low in my rifle qual in boot so I could wear my fathers sharpshooter badge.

I was . . .maybe not a ninja with the 16, but definately a samurai, and I shot low so that on the day I graduated boot, I wore my fathers qual badge, which he ONLY wore at his own boot grad.

16. lauraw - July 10, 2007
17. davebones - July 10, 2007

You’ve invaded Australia now? They were keeping that quiet.

18. daveintexas - July 10, 2007

Hey dave, you know we don’t comment on tactical operations in the field.

19. cranky - July 10, 2007

I’ll shut up now Myron. Guy I went through high school went into subs. God knows what he did and where he did it. And I will confirm that I never did see a submarine at our altitude from any US Air Force aircraft I was flying in. Thanks for your service.

20. Myron - July 10, 2007

yeah, we went there and we did that and then we got drunk. My baby sister married a B-57 driver in ’66 who turned into the TWA pilot so there has been a bit of good natured sparring going on in our family over the years. And thank you, my friend.

“You sleep soundly in your beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do you harm”
George Orwell

luv that lil tag line/signature add-on for FF

21. Dave in Texas - July 10, 2007

Myron, you rock pal.

Thank you for your service.

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