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Test your Google-fu July 7, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in History.

A member of the US Supreme Court, appointed by George Washington.

One of six men to have signed both the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Prizes include your very own Adios Mo-Fo baseball cap and a box of Q-Tips.



1. Tushar D - July 7, 2007

George Washington appointed:
John Jay, John Rutledge and Oliver Ellsworth as chief justices of Supreme Court.

People who signed both Constitution and Declaration of Independence:
James Wilson
Roger Sherman
Robert Morris
Benjamin Franklin
George Clymer
George Read

2. Tushar D - July 7, 2007

uh, they are not used q-tips, are they?

3. daveintexas - July 7, 2007

no, a clean unopened box. Just for the lucky winner!

not a chief justice Two-fer.

A justice.

you are this close to owning your very own coveted Adios Mo-Fo ballcap. Ask geoff and nicedeb, they wear them EVERYWHERE.

4. Stephanie - July 7, 2007

Too bad these early founding fathers didn’t make English the official language of the US. We are one of the few countries on Earth without an official language.

“Press One For English” Exploding on youtube with over 2 million hits

5. geoff - July 7, 2007

Ask geoff and nicedeb, they wear them EVERYWHERE.

Well, I hold it my hands in church.

I’m maybe going to meet NiceDeb in a couple of weeks – we’ll have to wear them so we can find each other.

6. geoff - July 7, 2007

Ah – using Tushar’s list, it was a matter of moments.

But I won’t say it. Wouldn’t want to screw up Tushar’s shot at a hat.

7. Tushar D - July 7, 2007

following judges were appointed by Washington:
James Wilson
John Jay
William Cushing
John Blair
John Rutledge
James Iredell
Thomas Johnson
William Paterson
John Rutledge
Samuel Chase
Oliver Ellsworth

I still listed those three correctly.

8. Dave in Texas - July 8, 2007

Oh, I see, I worded it clumsily and you thought I was asking two questions.

There is only one man who served on the first Supreme court who signed both of those founding documents. He’s in your list. Which one is he?

Geoff. wearing the hats is an excellent idea.

9. Pupster - July 8, 2007

James Wilson.

Tushar can have the hat, I’d have to explain Mo-Fo to the Pupster boys, and I’d like to wait until the next time I drop a brick on my foot or hit my finger with a hammer. This is the proper way for young boys to hear profanity the first time; from their fathers, who are in pain. Or get cut off in traffic.

This method is how the Pupster boys know the proper terms for a male bird who uses a straw and the singular male offspring of a female dog.

10. Tushar D - July 8, 2007

Oh, dang!
You wanted a guy who signed declaration of independence, signed the US Constitution and was appointed to the Supreme Court by George Washington.

fine, James Wilson, then.

11. daveintexas - July 8, 2007

Yes, but I was, what’s the word,


English. She is a harsh mistress.

12. eddiebear - July 8, 2007


That is why I have had to modify my speech around a very perceptive 2 year old. She soaks up everything like a sponge.

I’m torn as to how to handle the profanity thing. It’s not like a father-son moment, and my wife is too prim and proper to swear.

13. Pupster - July 9, 2007

It will happen in the natural course of events, Eddie. When Pupster boy 1 was just starting to talk, he was with me in the car when some jerk pulled out in front of me and then came to a dead stop for a left hand turn.

I flew the bird out the window and yelled,”HAVE A NICE DAY!”

When we got home, Mrs. Pupster came out to get him and he stuck a finger in her face and said, “Have nice day!”

Luckily for me, it was his pointer finger.

14. geoff - July 9, 2007

Friend of my wife is known for a few colorful expressions. One day she’s strapping her daughter into the car seat, reading her the riot act for making them late. When she finished the strapping and ranting, she stepped back and glared, whereupon her daughter, using her mother’s exact intonation and hand motions, said, “WTF?”

At that point, discipline and order took a little holiday.

15. Dave in Texas - July 9, 2007

Daughters learning to speak will pretty much cure your word choice problems.

Funny how that change usually starts in traffic. On your way to grandma’s house.

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