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For the Senator from Ohio June 28, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in uh.




1. Barb the Evil Genius - June 28, 2007

I’m ashamed he’s ours. But I’m giving you some linky love, as well as stealing the pic. If that’s okay with you.

2. daveintexas - June 28, 2007

Oh twist my arm girl. Of course you can!

Yeah, he’s a putz, isn’t he?

3. Shamnesty Down in Flames « Balance Sheet - June 28, 2007

[…] 28th, 2007 by cranky Yay!  The arrogance and condescension of those who stay too long in Washington D.C. needs to be tempered with some congress critters […]

4. mesablue - June 28, 2007

How can a Senator get away with being as clueless as this guy?

5. steve_in_hb - June 28, 2007

It’s mind boggling to hear him and other Senators talking about how constituents writing and calling are attempts to intimidate.

– The fact that they try to characterize someone saying “represent me in the following matter or I will not vote or contribute money to you” as intimidation rather than a citizen communicating with their representative is hilarious.

– The implied ultra sensitivity that some phone calls, faxes, and emails can rattle some of the most powerful members of the most powerful country in the world. As silly as when the Dems tried to sell a scenario where Clinton, the President of the fucking United States, was a powerless pawn in a chubby interns diabolical sexual machinations.

Voinovich: Oh, Godfather, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do.
Don Corleone: [shouts] You can act like a man!
[he slaps Voinovich]
Don Corleone: What’s the matter with you. Is this how you turned out? A Washington finocchio that cries like a woman.

6. Dave in Texas - June 29, 2007

No shit. Listening to that jackass talk about how he “makes decisions” was pretty revolting.

I’m sure he was trying to act on the talking point, that the bigots who listen to talk radio and “stir things up” aren’t relevant in his decision making process. That might have gone better if he hadn’t been so goddam ignorant about the bill, but one thing was clear from his vote yesterday, he’s a fucking coward too.

7. rick554 - June 30, 2007

I have to admit I called the “distingushed” senator from Ohio. Being from Cleveland , I asumed it would be ok with the “distingushed” senator if one of his constituents offered some helpful advice. Alas….. it wasnt to be so. It WAS kinda funny listening to him weasel out with Sean Hannity tho. When White Flag Harry reids Defense Appropriation Bill is done, The Senator will be a blubbering, blathering fool. Can you say “PRIMARY CHALLENGE”???

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