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Michael Yon – thoughts flow on the eve of a great battle June 19, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in History, honor.

According to Michael, it is a huge one, and one we are hearing next to nothing about back here.  He describes it as a series of battalion and brigade sized battles (see here for description of hieracrchy of modern armies), that collectively will be the largest since the end of major hostilities.

It’s objective is to clear AQ our of Diyala province.  Michael makes the case for the possibility of saving the patient, and that Petraeus is the doctor who might be able to excise this cancer.  To that end he has put together a force that can take it on, and a series of adriot political manuevers to capitalize on the present unpopularity of AQ.  In his words, they’ve raped enough women and boys and lopped off enough heads to call their moral supremity into serious question.

They are ready for us. Giant bombs are buried in the roads. Snipers—real snipers—have chiseled holes in walls so that they can shoot not from roofs or windows, but from deep inside buildings, where we cannot see the flash or hear the shots. They will shoot for our faces and necks. Car bombs are already assembled. Suicide vests are prepared.

Sobering words.  They are engaged right now. 10,000 of our soldiers, in operation “Arrowhead Ripper”.  MayGod grant them safety on the battlefield, and success.

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1. Stormy70 - June 19, 2007

Godspeed. Show no mercy for terrorists.

2. nicedeb - June 19, 2007

I second that…no quarter!

3. nicedeb - June 19, 2007

I swear to God, if they see bullets coming from a house, they need to LEVEL it.

4. geoff - June 19, 2007

Stay low and zig-zag, guys.

5. daveintexas - June 19, 2007

Didn’t Peter Falk tell Alan Arkin to zig zag in “The In-Laws”?

6. rickinstl - June 19, 2007

“Serpentine, Shell, Serpentine!”

And God bless those guys.

7. daveintexas - June 19, 2007

oh yes, hell… thanks rick

8. cranky - June 23, 2007

What nicedeb said both times. God speed to my brothers and sisters. Come home safe.

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