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Dan Rather says Leslie Moonves “tarting up” the evening news with Katie June 12, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about Moonves, Rather or Katie Couric, but I gotta say, that right there is some funny stuff.

I know, it’s an ongoing feud between a no-longer relevant Dan Rather and the guy that fired him, but anyway..

On Joe Scarborough’s (another douchebag) “Morning Joe” show, Rather had this observation:

the mistake was to try to bring the ‘Today’ show ethos to the ‘Evening News,’ and to dumb it down, tart it up in hopes of attracting a younger audience.

Moonves responded at some function about journalism I care even less about that Rather’s remarks were “sexist”.  He then expressed his continued befuddlement that Katie’s numbers suck.

Earth to Les.  At the risk of sounding sexist, dude, she’s a skirt.  A cutesy, freckle-faced girl reading the news.  You have looked at your demographics, have you not?  I got no problem with it, but I’m not exactly your target audience now, am I?

Good luck with that.

Oh, and Dan?

What’s the frequency Kenneth?



1. Wickedpinto - June 12, 2007

Carol maureen a former nighttime anchor here in chicago, had an msnbc show that was slaughtered immediately. She was reasonable here, and I think a woman could sell it on the national level, but for her to do so, she would need some credibility.

2. lauraw - June 13, 2007

Dan Rather lecturing about how to do hard news is funnier than a one-legged bullfrog croakin’ inside a banjo being plucked by Gene Autry.

No, I don’t know what that means, but was that enough folksy fake country-boy bullshit fer y’all?


Children and retired broadcasters should be seen and not heard. Wait, I don’t want to see him either. And I kind of like kids.
Ok, ok.
Children should be seen and occasionally heard, while retired fired, irrelevant old broadcasters should jump into a ditch whenever people approach and shove their mouths full of dirty rags to stifle the sound of their sobbing.

I haven’t had enough coffee today yet

3. Dave in Texas - June 13, 2007

That was pretty folksy-bullshitty, yes ma’am. Nicely done!

4. lauraw - June 13, 2007

How he managed to spout all that crap on national TV without being overcome with self-loathing, I have no idea.

5. lauraw - June 13, 2007

spam filter?

6. TXMarko - June 13, 2007

Couric makes my skin crawl.

Something about her aura that just screams “superbitch”.

7. cranky - June 13, 2007

Y’know, you could tell Katie to shove it where the sun don’t shine but that venue is full.

8. nicedeb - June 13, 2007

I agree with TXMarko.

9. FANCY SWEDEN - June 14, 2007

Hi’ Dave

I have no clue what this is about but I want to say hey to you…:-)))
Now I have done that…:)

10. PattyAnn - June 14, 2007

She’s no more than a news reader. A $15 million dollar a year news reader. Unbelievable.

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