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Y-Chromosomes don’t mean shit anymore June 4, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

Bunch of goobers came over for a big pool party for youngest’s bday today.

Giggling little girls and skinny boys.  One of whom mentioned that his 87 Pathfinder was overheating.  He had an unopened 2 gallon container of Prestone in the front seat, and that should have been my first clue.

Well, drop that gauntlet.

Of course, I’m stupid, and I don’t ask him the most important question there is to ask.

How often are you refilling the radiator?

Had I asked that, I could have saved myself a lot of time.  Because the answer was like every 3 weeks.

But NOOO0ooo…I gotta be Mr. F’N’ Goodwrench. 

I do what we who aren’t pussies (you know who you are) have done for years.

I filled the empty radiator.  Ran the engine up to temp.  Looked for leaks.  Nada.

I capped the radiator, and ran it up to pressure, and looked for leaks.  The cap didn’t seal tightly, but it wasn’t real loose.  I drove it 15 on the interstate.  No major leaks.

In other words, incredibly minor leaks, probably the cap, completely overlooked.

By a boy.

I wanted to drag him up by the collar off of the sofa and smack him except he wasn’t me in 1976 and so I didn’t so there.



1. geoff - June 5, 2007

I’m sure you’ve been following Instapundit making the same kinds of comments this week. It is sad and getting sadder. But there’s been a tremendous amount of interest in the remedial boy’s books he’s been recommending, so maybe there’s hope.

2. Anna-Lys - June 5, 2007

Catchy title!
But, the rest is a to complicated “English” for me.
I just can’t put Y-chromosome into the radiator-problem. Here in Sweden radiators has nothing to do with sex … even if we now and then get overheated ;-)

Still, I had to write something … instead of just “hello”.

Ohh … almost forgot;

Hello Dear Dave ;-)

3. Dave in Texas - June 5, 2007

It’s anecdotal, I know, but I know quite a few kids like Matt, who know jack about maintaining a vehicle. Hey, I never rebuilt a transmission or anything, but just basic “coolant, tire pressure” stuff seems like rocket science to them.

I weep for the future.

Hi Anna-Lys.

4. andyfox1979 - June 5, 2007

an 87 pathfinder is getting a little long in the tooth and it wasn’t a great product to begin with.

I’d be willing to bet the problem is he either filled it up with water and not coolant/antifreeze or it may have a lazy water pump (which btw is an arcane term IMHO, since it pumps mostly coolant/antifreeze).

His pathfinder will overheat again pretty soon. But I do agree, most young boys these days are pussies and can’t do simple automobile maintenance.

If I was there we’d probably stand around the pathfinder with beers arguing over what the problem likely is.

5. eddiebear - June 5, 2007


And just ask most of them where the oil filter is, and you might as well have just asked them to explain the Five Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, SJ.

6. Paul - June 5, 2007

I’d like to make the argument that young men today can’t do simple automobile maintenance because they’re less manly than we were at there age but the truth is probably a whole lot more complicated. I learned about cars the way most of us probably did, standing next to my dad, holding the flashlight, handing him tools and occaisionally crawling around looking for accidentally dropped parts. The cars we owned were big and simple. A couple of Chevy Impalas and a great old Chevelle. No computer, no eclectronics, not even A/C. I look under the hood of my car today and unless the part is clearly labeled I have only a 50% chance of telling what it is. It’s a bit intimidating down there and frankly I’m lost myself. The teenage boys I know may not know shit about cars but they can manage technology in a way that amazes.

7. Anna-Lys - June 5, 2007

Y … means Why, don’t it? ;-)

8. kevlarchick - June 5, 2007

Paul’s got a point about newer cars.

But again, I turn the key in the ignition and hope for the best. If nothing happens, then I’m looking around for a man.

9. daveintexas - June 5, 2007

Oh no doubt Paul, there’s less work we can accomplish on them.

I’m just talking about the basics though. Coolant system. Tires. Checking oil and transmission fluid (and brakes and PSF).

And it’s ok if you can’t manage that, but if you can’t, like KC points out, you better find somebody who can deal with it, or you’re going to wind up on the side of the road with a cracked block.

10. Anna-Lys - June 5, 2007

Guess the Why-thing was to sensitive for you cowboys ;-)

11. nicedeb - June 5, 2007

I was absolutely mortified when I found out my son was shaving his chest.

But he says he would stand out in the gym locker room at school if he didn’t.

12. TXMarko - June 5, 2007

All new vehicles come with an OWNERS MANUAL. It tells you everything you need to know as a vehicle owner/operator.

Unfortunately, kids (and some adults) today are too BUSY to allocate time to a task which may or may not pay off for them in spades later on. They already think they know it all. You can bet they know how the freakin’ RADIO works, but the power steering? Not so much.

Us old farts need to start roadside service businesses, and make a killing in the next few decades.

13. daveintexas - June 5, 2007

Oh well deb, that’s what I would have told my mom too.

If I could have come up with it fast enough.

14. cranky - June 5, 2007

It’s a bit intimidating down there and frankly I’m lost myself.

Thought we were talking about cars?

15. Dave in Texas - June 5, 2007

I think Paul changed the subject.

16. Wickedpinto - June 5, 2007

In warm weather you use water, so that the released liquid isn’t toxic, but other than that, yeah.

OBSERVE! WATCH, and learn.

It’s a simple troubleshooting techniche that anyone who has ever fixed anything should know.

Only reason I say water in warm weather rather than anti-freeze, is cuz there is no concern for freezing, especially in a hot engine.

17. daveintexas - June 6, 2007

I didn’t use the antifreeze. Didn’t need it just to check for leaks. Besides, that thing needed to be flushed badly.

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