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Pro-Iraq war group interested in buying Camp Casey June 2, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, drama, Politics, Texas.

Sheehan’s sister thinks Cindy would not be too receptive to an offer from them.

It’ll be a cold day in hell before she sells it to them,” her sister, Dede Miller, told The Associated Press. “She’ll sell it to them for $5 million.”

Robert Dixon, executive director of Sacramento Calif.-based Move America Forward, says they would use the land to erect a monument in support of the troops.

Sheehan has previously said she plans to start the bidding at $80,000 on Ebay.   She bought it last year for $52,500.   Sheehan’s group says they have made many improvements to the land, including gravel roads, clearing brush, planting gardens, burying accounting records and installing “relaxing, beautiful wind-chimes” everywhere the chill wind that crushes dissent is blowing.

In Crawford, that’s pretty much everywhere.



1. Wickedpinto - June 2, 2007

burying accounting records


2. cranky - June 2, 2007

Just like CSI uses forensics, so to do accountants. She is so fucked when the lawyers and accountants are finished going through her shit. And that’s before the IRS weighs in.

3. LarryConley - June 4, 2007

Heck.. just wait for the auction of the property after it gets siezed for non-payment of taxes… They say the property is worth 5 million.. let them pay school taxes on that..

Hmm wonder if Cindy would take Carbon credits in trade for the house?

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