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Zen and the art of four vehicle maintenance. May 29, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

I mentioned earlier over at IB we had rain and stuff.  And kids driving and stuff.  Two of which walked away from nasty accidents without a scratch.

In accident numero uno, on Friday night, the man in the airborne pickup that hit my friend’s son’s car flipped over, and then he hit three more cars on his way to the morgue.

Friend’s son.  Ok.   Man in truck, not ok.

In accident numero two-oh, youngest daughter’s pal learned how hydroplaning happens on a rain covered interstate, in which she lost it, banged off of the construction barrier, spun 360 twice, and did not get hit by anyone else.

That’s just what happens.

So I reacted well.  Did I say well?  I meant on Sunday afternoon I put new tires on my eldest’s car and new pads on the front brakes (they were close to ready), and on Monday am I had the tires on youngest’s balanced and rotated.  Her brakes look fine.

And those are important things.

But to be perfectly honest, I was trying to find meaningful things to do to protect the people I love and recognizing that there are some things I can do, like check tires and car stuff, and try to impart knowledge about rain and danger…

and other things I can’t.

And I really hate it.



1. geoff - May 29, 2007

Risk is awful. The difference between you and a liberal, though, is that a liberal will try to legislate the risk away. They never accept that some level of risk is unavoidable, and even desirable in terms of learning, maturation, and acceptance of personal responsibility.

We’ve never been safer in what we’re allowed to do and how we’re allowed to do it, but that safety just seems to increase people’s apprehension. I don’t think man was meant to be safe. It’s not that healthy for our psyches, and means that we’re too concerned with our well being and not enough concerned with our doing.

Unless you’re talking about my kids, of course, who I will hover about and overprotect until they file a restraining order against me.

2. kevlarchick - May 30, 2007

My dad cried when I totaled my car. I knew he loved me even though he never said it. Every time my son leaves the house with his friends I say a prayer.

3. daveintexas - May 30, 2007

It just reinforces the truth that I am not in control. I used to imagine I was. I know better now.

4. nicedeb - May 30, 2007

My son has only had one minor accident so far, when he was driving on ice, last winter. Just a low speed skid into a mailbox. But he really is a very safe driver. When he and his cousins went on their roadtrip a week or so ago I was glad he was doing the driving. His cousins have both had wrecks that have totaled their cars.

5. TXMarko - May 30, 2007

In my mid-20’s I hydroplaned very similar to accident numero two-oh. I have driven more slowly in water ever since.

As a parent with two twenty-somethings and a basketfull of grandkids, I can tell you the worrying part never really goes away.

Quoth the Godbag: “Let Go, and Let God”.

Works for me.

6. Bosk - May 30, 2007

I’m dreading taking my youngest out driving. My oldest (22) has been in 2 accidents (minor but enough to damage cars).
It’s funny the timing but I was contemplating taking her over to the theater where they have a huge parking lot this sunday.
Damn they grow up quick.

7. mesablue - May 30, 2007

Eighteen year old daughter totalled two cars in her first six months of driving. One of those was from driving too fast in the wet. The other was from talking on the cell phone and not paying attention. I begged my ex not to help her get another car right away — to no avail.

No accidents for over a year now, but she still drives like a maniac.

8. chelle - July 5, 2007

that exactly is our similarity… caring for our loved ones are our priority…. it meant a lot for me to see them driving safe especially at night.. when my sister-in-law got noticed a damaged due to overheating on her radiator, that had been my problem for a while.. then we took about a week to replaced her
mercedes radiator
. now, im quiet feeling okay and comfortable.
im still trying to inspect her cars a lot.

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