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A Memorial Day time out May 24, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in drama, guitarsrockandroll, Work and Life and Love.

Mostly cause I need a break.  It’s been a tough week.

It wasn’t all bad though.

My newest baby arrived this week, from the communist bastards exquisite luthiers of the Carvin custom shop in Cah-leefor-nee=ya-ay.


I might have been a little frustrated about the length of time on this build.  But the product was worth the wait.


It’s a five piece neck thru, Hawaiian Koa and maple.  Pretty ain’t it?


Gold hardware, the wide humbuckers.


I decided not to put a veneer on the headstock this time.  Good call Dave.


The “back” as we bassists refer to it.


and the back of the headstock, as those homos at BassPlayer magazine refer to it.


Abalone inlays on the ebony fretboard.


I got a chance to gig with it recently, after checking the settings (not bad from the custom shop… I did a little reset on E but that’s more me than them).  I recommend.

It is a beautiful instrument, and I think I will keep it.



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2. Sobek - May 24, 2007


That’s a mighty purty piece of wood there, Dave.

3. eddiebear - May 24, 2007

He said “wood”!

4. Retired Geezer - May 25, 2007

Bass? I was looking for some fish that Brewfan caught.

5. Pupster - May 25, 2007

Heh, me too RG, I did a double take when I saw a guitar.

Sure is a pretty thing, Dave, does it appreciate your soft hands?

6. BrewFan - May 25, 2007

Thats a real lunker! A keeper for sure.

7. pattyann - May 25, 2007

Yes, Dave, that is beautiful wood.

8. Russ from Winterset - May 25, 2007

Nice bass, Dave. Did you catch that with a rappala, or with a worm rig?

9. daveintexas - May 25, 2007

Russ, an AMEX card.

10. kevlarchick - May 25, 2007

She’s lovely. Her cozy bed is nicer than mine.

11. TXMarko - May 25, 2007

I take it that this is NOT the model you smash into the amps at the end of the performance?

12. Tushar D - May 25, 2007

Can I inquire about how much dough that thing cost, if you don’t mind? A ballpark figure will do (more than groceries, less than rent, e.g.), if you don’t want to put a hard number on it.

13. daveintexas - May 25, 2007

Nope – the one I bash the amps with is a beat up Dean Q4.

Tushar, don’t mind at all, $1200. Carvin’s custom shop makes a great instrument and is one of the best deals for the money out there. The electronics are well constructed and the craftsmanship is magnificent.

14. Bosk - May 25, 2007

Very nice Dave. drooool is right!
I’m going to forward this to Adriann…she’s very interested in playing bass so last Christmas I bought her one of those start up packs. Her favorite bassist is the dude from primus, I forget his name, Mine is Geddy Lee.
She’s getting lessons this summer break.
Maybe put up a vid of you showing your mad bass skilz.?

15. daveintexas - May 25, 2007

A request? From a fan?

Oh no, I couldn’t.

Wait, yes I could.

Here’s an old one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-0fDmPqZiw

16. Bosk - May 25, 2007

crap…can’t do youtube at work. I’ve got one of the “smart” terminals. I’ll have to watch it at home but I’ll be looking forward to it.

17. Bosk - May 25, 2007

How did you get interested in playing bass?
Lessons or self taught?

18. daveintexas - May 25, 2007

self taught, started on guitar

19. Tushar D - May 25, 2007

Without having any knowledge of musical, and especially handmade instruments, I had guessed the price at around $1500. Close enough.

20. Sobek - May 25, 2007

Primus guy is Les Claypool. I got started by teaching myself Primus and Metallica stuff (those two extremes pretty much prepare you for anything).

21. Bosk - May 25, 2007

She’s been getting tabs off the internet and practicing. I would love to get her a better guitar but……
If she had one like Dave’s I’m sure she would really be motivated but…….
It’s a money thing.

22. kevlarchick - May 25, 2007

Les Claypool is amazing. A machine.

23. daveintexas - May 25, 2007

Les Claypool asked me what kind of wood to order… I said “dude, Koa”.


24. Bosk - May 25, 2007


25. Bosk - May 25, 2007

We’ve got a couple of their videos in concert. The dude plays like it came out of the womb with him.
The drummer and lead guitar guys are damn good too.

26. Bosk - May 25, 2007

30 minutes and my work week is done.

Have a great memorial day all.

Enjoy your new toy Dave.

27. kevlarchick - May 25, 2007

If it were possible, I would have a woody while listening to Les.

28. Don Carne - May 25, 2007

DiT pretty cool vid. But I need more cowbell.

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