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J-Mac to Senator John Cornyn May 18, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, drama, Politics.

Shut up bitch.  I’ll tell you what you need to say when I feel like telling you.

I have two predictions.

The base is actually energized.  Hasn’t been this fired up in a while, and it surpasses that Dubai ports nonsense.

1) McCain goes down in flames.

2) So does this bill.

3) McCain is so dumb/arrogant, he won’t get it again.

Oh.  That’s 3.

My bad.

 Jack is paying attention so I can ride on his coattails.



1. TXMarko - May 18, 2007

McCain is Done. Finished. Through.

This was his version of the Howard Dean “Yeaaaarghhh”.

2. bosk - May 19, 2007

amen brother. this is sinking and fast!

3. TXMarko - May 19, 2007

It may be a bit early to write an Obituary for America, but its not too early to buy a tombstone. On it, I would inscribe:

“Ultimate Power Ultimately Corrupts”

I have no doubt that McCain, and even Murtha were once principled, honest, clear minded individuals who felt drawn to serve their country.

Washington changes people.

And not for the better.

4. Dave in Texas - May 19, 2007

I think you hit the nail on the head TXM. Once you start brokerin that power, it’s just “business as usual”. What did Bob Ritter call it in Clear and Present Danger? The Potomac Two-Step?

5. Nice Deb - May 19, 2007

Our pool is officially open! How about yours?

The water’s only 69 degrees, but the crazy kids are swimming in it anyway.

6. daveintexas - May 19, 2007

Oh we’ve been splashing for two weeks now. 78 then, 81 now.

And if you’ve been sweating in the yard for a couple of hours, 78 is just fine!

7. Jack Ryan - May 20, 2007

There’s just one thing, Dave in Texas.

I don’t dance.

8. daveintexas - May 20, 2007

heh heh.

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