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Ethnic Estonians not particularly interested in celebrating Soviet victory over the Nazis April 29, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, History, honor.

Honestly.  I can’t understand their point of view.  Why, after all, it was the Red Army who defeated the German aggressor and gave them their, uh, continued subjugation under a brutal communist regime.

It’s like being given a beating before supper, before not getting your supper.

Estonia, ethnically Swedish and Germanic, along with her neighbors Lithuania and Latvia, managed independence for a while when Russia was occupied with the Revolution.  Forced in 1940 to accept a “mutual assistance” pact as a manuever by Molotov and Von Ribbentrop, the Soviets stationed troops there and stayed for a half century.  During this time Uncle Joe was not kind.

The 1.3 million ethnic Estonians do not give a rat’s ass about the victories of the Red Army over the Nazis.  300,000 Russian-speaking Estonians do, and regard this impoliteness as an outrage, so they decided to stage protests and beat up some people when a monument to the Red Army was removed from the capital.

Estonians being the tough-minded Scandis they can be, elected to relocate the monument to a military cemetery, which is a nicer concession than should be expected of them under the circumstances.

Oddly enough, I have a second cousin (third cousin by marriage?  Hell I can’t ever get this straight) a guy who married my dad’s cousin, who is a native Lithuanian.  As a youngster he ran messages for the Lithuanian resistance against the Nazis during the war.  He moved to the US after the war, and spent most of his life working as a groundskeeper on the LBJ ranch until he retired in 1987.

He said he liked Texas just fine, except it is awful hot here in the summer.

I said “yeah, but we ain’t got no Nazis and no commies.  Cept in Austin, and they’re mostly harmless”.


1. eddiebear - April 30, 2007

IIRC, the Baltic states were not happy because the USSR took over in 1940, and then were reclaimed by the USSR after WWII. Then, forced migrations of ethnic Russians took place in an effort to “breed out” the Estonians, Lithuanians and Latvians.

As a result, yes, those 3 countries have heavy ethnic Russian populations. And Russia from time to time makes noises about the plight of their “brothers” (code for they would look for a pretext to invade if they could).

That is why the three Baltic States were so eager to join the protection of NATO.

2. daveintexas - April 30, 2007

Not to mention forced conscription during WWII.

Being a Red Army conscript was not a fun job.

The forced migrations was a time-tested technique that has caused a lot of grief here and in many of the other formet Soviet republics.

3. eddiebear - April 30, 2007

And the fact many of the non-Russians were treated poorly by Russian superior officers didn’t help either.

4. eddiebear - May 6, 2007

I don’t know how this relates, but Estonians are predominantly Lutheran, owing to their involvement with the Teutonic Knights and all. They also wre the potato belt of the old USSR.

And lest I give everything away over at IB, Estonians ethnically have a lot in common with Finland. “Suomi”, which the Finns call themselves, stands for “Land of the Swamps” in Finnish. Estonia is essentially tied to the Land of The Swamps, what with the geogaphic and ethnic similarities.

They are trying to shake the Russian yoke. That is why there is a newfound resurgence of Lutheran pride above and beyond their joining of NATO.

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