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Making sense April 14, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

Bill Whittle always does.  In the latest installment, he deconstructs the mental illness of the “conspiracy theorist”.

Not for the faint of heart.  Be sure to check out the video link of an F-4 meeting a reinforced concrete wall.  I’ll give away a little bit.  There’s an awful lot of wall left after the impact.  The Phantom?  Not so much.

Get a cup of coffee and relax.  He’s not only one of the brighter fellows out there, he is an entertaining writer, and it’s as pleasant as it is informative.



1. Nice Deb - April 14, 2007

Did you read part one yet? It’s great, too.

I read it earlier today when Entropy and Max linked to the article at Aces. I’m printing copies for my teenagers to read.

2. Nice Deb - April 14, 2007

No, seriously, you’ve gotta read the GW Bush stuff in part 1:

“If he had been a civilian rather than military pilot, Dubya would have had to have passed 60 questions like this with at least 70% correct. Questions on weather, radio communications, mechanical systems, aerodynamics, pilot physiology, airspace, navigation and a hundred other things. But, since he was military, he also had to know how to operate that primitive in-flight radar, plus weapons systems, rules of engagement, electronic warfare, hydraulics, fuel systems…it goes on and on.

People like Michael Moore and Bill Maher and Keith Olberman would not be able to figure out how to close the canopy on an F-102. These people would be weeping with fear when those afterburners light up and you barrel down that runway hoping that engine doesn’t flame out and roll you inverted into the asphalt, or when you’re rocketing through the soup at 300mph watching two little needles chase each other, praying the next thing you see out the window is a runway and not a mountain goat.

George W. Bush is not stupid. It’s not possible to be a moron and fly a supersonic jet fighter, and everyone knows it.

What George W. Bush is, however, is inarticulate. English is his second language. From what I can see he does not have a first language. Abraham Lincoln spoke in simple frontier language in an age of rhetorical flourish. Like Bush, he was considered a bumpkin and an idiot, and like Bush, he realized that there were times when having people misunderestimate you repeatedly was a real advantage. That’s goal-oriented. That’s playing the deep game. That’s cunning.

I personally have gotten to the point where Bush’s malapropisms cause me to look at the floor and shake my head with an affectionate smile, in much the same way supporters of his predecessor used to do with every new revelation of coerced sex from former employees. He is what he is. But he is a damn sight more intelligent than the graphic designer in the Mini Cooper with the Village Idiot sticker. Me, personally, I look at the man’s entire catalog of flaws in the same way Lincoln looked at Grant and his drinking: I can’t spare this man. He fights.

So to me, anyway, given the above information I feel that anyone calling President Bush a moron and an idiot comes off sounding like…well…a moron and an idiot.”

I love this guy!

3. daveintexas - April 14, 2007

Yeah, I read all of Bill’s essays, and I did love the “you cannot be an idiot and fly this aircraft” splanation. Whittle is an amazing guy, cuts right to the heart of it. I wish I could write that well. No, I take that back, I can do the technique. Can’t do the superb thinking.

Get his book for your kids. I did.

Love the Grant quote. And I’m an Alabama boy. I still have relatives that call it “the War of Northern Aggression”.

4. eddiebear - April 15, 2007


I loved the flying article as well. But to me, the best one was his essay that defended the Marine who killed that guy in Fallujah back 2+ years wgo who was faking being dead. He brought up the concept of “sanctuary” and the like. It was what hooked me to his essays.

Also, I just wish he would have mocked some of the other conspiracy theorists like Olbermann who pollute the airwaves.

5. Dave in Texas - April 16, 2007

I think he went after Rosie instead of Olbermann cause she actually has an audience. Keith, not so much.

6. carin - April 16, 2007

I really liked his Tribes article from a few years back.

7. eddiebear - April 17, 2007


I agree that Olbermann’s audience is as tiny and limp as his….

Anyway. He spouts some shiat that’s as crazy as Rosie the Hut, and if only people watched, he would be dangerous.

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