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The Apology Tour April 13, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, drama.

Imus is well into his tour, having met the Right Reverend Al Sharpton, the members of the Rutgers womens basketball team, and pretty much anybody else that will listen to him say how sorry he is.

According to Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer, the ladies are healing from the experience, and in the process of forgiving.  Which is good, cause it’ll take that whole sting of losing to Tennessee off of their minds.  I would hate to think missing the championship game would be a burden to them, and I’m glad they aren’t suffering from that.

Meanwhile, Durham prosecutor Mike Nifong has begun his apology tour, to the extent that he made judgements that ultimately proved to be incorrect, you know, like when he judged he’d keep exculpatory DNA evidence away from the Duke boys’ defense attorneys, that kind of judgement that ultimately proved to be incorrect.

Incidentally, actress Rose McGowan (should I know her?) on some girl talk show called “The View” (should I know this?) declares they are guilty of something, probably all of the sins of our culture and society because they are rich white boys.

I suggest those boys start their own apology tour, and that right quick.

Being a rich white boy, I struggle with this whole idea of the “apology tour”.  In the case of Imus, it’s one in a long multi-decade long list of stupid remarks that are the foundation of his career and ostensibly his success.  Was it a “Jimmy the Greek” moment, just plain stupid, or both?  I find myself ignorant, and ambivalent.  I don’t know, and I don’t care.

Sharpton, the man who sells racial strife for a living, has his head on a pike and can carry it in the parade.  He’ll move on to the next extorsion racket or problem to point out (not solve.  Al is not in the business of fixing problems.  He’s in the business of pointing them out to raise the value of his stock price). 

Normally the apology tour is more effective than this, see Clinton, William Jefferson, et.al.

Nifong, panders to the black vote, gets nuts caught in vise.  Imus, panders to everyone, gets fired.

I’m starting to think they should try my approach and just tell everybody to eff off.*

What have they got to lose?  Their reputations?

* yes, I’m aware Howard Stern suggested this to Imus.  I am as surprised as you to find myself agreeing with Howard on something.

UPDATE: NJ Governor Jon Corzine was badly injured last night in an automobile accident (yes, an SUV.  Honestly I don’t understand how this could happen.  No, wait, I can.  Count the references to “seat belt”).  Non-life threatening, but serious injuries that will require surgery and rehab, and he’s gonna have some pain.  Damn, broken ribs by themselves really suck.

Apparently he was on his way to “moderate” the meeting between Imus and the Rutgers womens’ basketball team.

So how long you think before Imus apologizes for the accident?  I give it no more than 3 days.



1. carin - April 13, 2007

All this makes me just so mad. I can’t even blog about it -i just crap on everyone else’s blogs.

2. daveintexas - April 13, 2007

*hands you a roll of the soft stuff*

you can crap here anytime you want. it’s a crazy mixed up world.

3. Retired Geezer - April 13, 2007

I’m a seatbelt Evangelist. They saved my life a couple of times. I always wore one even before they were mandatory.

4. cranky - April 14, 2007

ah…the healing process…

What a load of crap.

Corzine’s brain: It can’t happen to me.

Corzine’s reality: Oh, crap!

Seatbelts save lives. He’s an idiot for not wearing one and I hope he gets hammered by the law for not wearing one. Their use has been mandatory in New Jersey for decades. Other than that I hope he has a speedy recovery.

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