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Circuit City April 5, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Bidness.

The last boy you hired to run your store afternoons and evenings convinced me to take my 3K a year elsewhere.

Congrats.  Hope that OPEX is under control.


1. Retired Geezer - April 5, 2007

Got a Best Buy opening here in my hometown.
We must have arrived.

2. Wickedpinto - April 6, 2007

best buy sucks shit, In my area circuit city is very laid back and professional. The best buy guys are “do you want? do you want? what do you want?!” vultures, the CC people are generaly interactive, and informative without being any more aggressive than your common mortgage agent. (thats pretty mild on the sales side if you don’t know)

3. LR - April 6, 2007

Best Buy is the worst. Their return policies are horrible. My parents were trying to return a combo VCR/DVD unit that would not work, and Best Buy gave them such a hard time, treated them like they were nothing. According to Best Buy, they have 5 tries to fix the unit before they will replace it. 5. After the third time of trying to have this unit fixed, I just left it there at the store, went across the street to Circuit City, where they treated me decently. I got my parents a great buy on the same combo unit. Had to have it fix a few years later, where Circuit City decided to replace the whole unit with a brand new one. I have never gone back to a Best Buy.

4. Dave in Texas - April 6, 2007

You know, normally I’m ok with the CC folks. But this doofwad manager pissed me off twice in such a consescending way that iced it for me.

He actually did follow up on my request to have the DM call me the next day. She apparently had taken a 10 year tour through my purchase history, and was quite apologetic. I explained that if my request was unreasonable, fine, just explain it to me. But treating me like crap is unacceptable, and I won’t have it. She asked “what can we do to get you back”? and I said “you and 4 other clerks take that asshole out back and beat the shit out of him, and we’ll talk”.

5. mesablue - April 7, 2007

CC is laying off their highest paid employees and giving them the option of applying for their own jobs at a lower wage.

Get ready for a lot more suck.

6. Gogmagaip - November 19, 2007

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