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Crawford Peace House loses corp status with State of Texas March 29, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, Leftard Freakshow, terrorist hemorrhoids.

Former member calling for investigation, citing massive donations, no accounting of receipts or expenses.

Sara Oliver says she witnessed “buckets of cash and checks” and was told they received about $700,000.   State Comptroller says they were delinquent in corporate filings in May of 2006, and has revoked their corporate charter.

Members explanation?

“Why? Because we’re just not responsible about doing it, I guess. I can’t answer that. I would like for someone to come and volunteer for us to do that work for us,” Peace House Board Member Kay Lucas said.

We’re dumb.

They produced non-specific budgets for 05 and 06, but when asked for specific receipts and paperwork, they had none.

Members say they have about $11,000 left in accounts.

“The IRS was asking us all these questions that I just did not know how to answer,” Lucas said.

That’s ok honey.  They’ll get their answers just the same.  They always do.

In Texas, if a corporate charter is forfeited, the directors of the organization can become personally liable for any debts incurred.

Including Director Cindy Sheehan.



1. harrison - March 29, 2007


2. S. Weasel - March 29, 2007

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Didn’t Cindy loudly declares she wasn’t paying taxes no more?

3. geoff - March 29, 2007

I like her take-charge/problem-solving attitude: “somebody come forward and do this for us!”

4. eddiebear - March 29, 2007

Does the term “Speaking truth to power” somehow come into play?

5. eddiebear - March 29, 2007

The “we’re stupid defense”? Ask Bernie Ebbers and Ken Lay how well that went.

6. eddiebear - March 29, 2007


It takes a village.

7. Ken Lay - March 29, 2007

Hey, I’m dead, so shut up.

I decided to fly in a bunch of hookers and coke it up one last weekend. Then my asshole friends decide to go all “Weekend at Bernies” on my stiff. “Ken’s over there Millie, playin PS3” “Hey everybody, check out Ken on the trampoline”!


8. Stormy70 - March 29, 2007

Math is hard. Morons.

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