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Springtime is here March 24, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, Pool Blogging.

It’s time for beer, grilled steaks and shrimps, and a pool bash.

87 degrees today.  Perfect.

Invitation only event, you know who you are.

Later tonight we fire up the spa.

Life is gooooood.


1. kevlarchick - March 24, 2007

Can we drink in the pool? I won’t spill. Much.

Can Moses swim with us?

2. daveintexas - March 24, 2007




3. Lipstick - March 24, 2007

Hey, just in time! I’m going bathing suit shopping today!

4. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

Pillow fight later.

Pinky promise.

5. lauraw - March 24, 2007

KC, don’t forget to wear protection.

(put your gun in a ziploc so it doesn’t get wet)

6. kevlarchick - March 24, 2007

I got a blade to wear in the pool.

No thong please Lipstick. And Dave.

7. daveintexas - March 24, 2007


oh, all right.


8. geoff - March 24, 2007

It’s raining here. It hardly ever rains here for very long, but today it’s coming down pretty steadily. Of course I hadn’t yet cleaned out all the drainage pipes in the yard, so it was flooding the basement a bit. Maybe if I call the basement a “pool” Hugh Jackman will be my close personal friend, too.

Hey Dave, notice how the ladies didn’t limit Mr. Jackman’s swimming apparel?

9. Dave in Texas - March 24, 2007

I did notice that.

And he called me a half hour ago…. he’s on the way.

10. kevlarchick - March 24, 2007


Give me some o dat Tito’s vodka Dave. I hear it doesn’t cause hangovers. I need to be at the top of my game.

11. lauraw - March 24, 2007

Oh Sweet God. Hugh? Here?!

Just play it cool laura, play it cool.

I’ll just set here by the pool in my pretty sarong, enormous foul hunch gleaming in the moonlight, and let him come to me.

*starts sobbing uncontrollably*

12. Hugh Jackman, a close personal friend of Dave in Texas - March 24, 2007

uh, need a tissue?

13. geoff - March 24, 2007

The realization of lauraw’s dream:

Hugh: Hey Dave, thought I’d drop by and take off my shirt.

Dave: No problem. You can use my thong, too, since some people don’t want me wearing it.

Hugh: Great! Say is that a new vibrating hassock you got? Mind if I try it out?

Dave: Naw, that’s lauraw – but go ahead and sit there anyway.

Hugh: Ahhhh…that feels great on my sore buns, which are pressed intimately against this throbbing hunch.

Dave: Thong offer is hereby retracted.

Hugh: Awww, don’t be that way, Dave! Oh by the way – great puppy picture in the entry. Where’d you buy it?

Dave: Ixnay on the uybay…

Hugh: Oh, I get it…

Together: Turkey raffle!!

Hugh: But, um, I seem to be having a hard time standing up – this hunch really has a grip.

Dave: [whispering] Gotcha covered… [louder] Oh my, is that a vole eating my tubers?

LauraW: [shrieks] A vole?!?! Here?!?! Eating tubers?!?! Later bun boy!!!

{she dashes off to deal with the offending, but mythical, varmint}

Dave: Let’s hit the pool!

Hugh: But I still don’t have a suit!!

KC & Lipstick: That’s OK!!

Dave: Maybe I’d better get you something a bit more modest.

Hugh: Especially if you start talking about hand waxes again.

All: Oooohhhh!! [They swoon and lights fade to dark]

14. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

and a good time was had by all.

beer’s in the washing machine geoff.

15. geoff - March 24, 2007

Thanks, Dave. Anybody need anything while I’m up?

16. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

Get something to cover up Hugh before the girls trip over themselves. Look in the hamper.

17. geoff - March 24, 2007

Look in the hamper.

Oops. I thought that’s where the empties went. Uh, I mean, uh, no problem! No empties in there!! Hah hah!

Um, just ignore any odd noises you may hear – some of those new fabrics are kind of clangy sounding.

18. lauraw - March 24, 2007

*nose deep in the pool*

*imitating a snapping turtle*


I’m hella fun at parties.

19. Lipstick - March 24, 2007

Ahem. I just did the impossible.

I walked into a shop, tried on one bikini and it:

1. Fit perfectly
2. Was comfortable
3. Looked good

You wimmins will attest to how much of an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event this is.

This just doesn’t happen.

So, is the party still going?

20. daveintexas - March 24, 2007
21. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

Nice bikini. I think KC is passed out on the couch in there. I tried to warn her about that vodka.

22. Lipstick - March 24, 2007

And may I add to my last comment that I am not in great shape right now.

Wait! They probably had trick mirrors! Damn!

23. Hugh Jackman, a close personal friend of Dave in Texas - March 24, 2007

uh, Laura? Can I get you a drink or anything?

24. Lipstick - March 24, 2007

*slap slap* KC, wake up! I acheived the impossible. At the correct angle, if I suck my tummy in, I look okay in this!

*letting breath out*

Oh darn.

25. Moses - March 24, 2007

I ain’t goin in there.

uh, I mean ARF!


26. Lipstick - March 24, 2007

Laura, wake up, Hugh is giving you the eye.

I think he wants you to give him the hump!

27. lauraw - March 24, 2007

*swims to the bottom of the pool*

*stays there*

*accesses auxiliary lung in hump*

28. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

Hugh, be nice to her. She’s sweet. None of your silliness now.

29. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

Lipstick, you just walked in and tried that one on? Well, it

1. Fits perfectly
2. Looks comfortable
4. Looks good on you

I can’t say #3 cause of manners. Rowr.

30. Hugh Jackman, a close personal friend of Dave in Texas - March 24, 2007

Sweet? She’s a circus gimp. I only came by out of morbid curiosity.

I’m relieved that she’s so shy, to tell you the truth.
Look at her! Underwater she passes for an orca.

If I were you, I’d have this pool emptied and sterilized.

31. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

You’re not fooling anyone Hugh. I’ve seen that look before. You be nice.

32. geoff - March 24, 2007

Gotta go try my first-ever inaugural episode of BSG with my honey. Y’all have fun. I hope to make it back in time for our “Thriller” dance practice.

Oh, and sorry about putting the washer on “Spin,” everybody. But you’ve got to admit your expressions were priceless when you started popping open those brews.

33. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

Have fun Geoff. I think Lipstick is tucking in KC, and Hugh and Laura want to be alone for a while.


Thanks for coming by everybody. Same time in June!

34. Lipstick - March 24, 2007

Geoff, that was funny!

‘Night all.

35. kevlarchick - March 25, 2007

Who wants breakfast?!

Eggs, linguica, goetta, grits, hash browns, bagels, and cold melon.

And mimosas, of course!

Thank you Tito for a smooth morning after…

36. Tito - March 25, 2007


37. kevlarchick - March 25, 2007

I found Dave, geoff and Hugh sleeping under a tree in the yard.

*kicking Dave’s feet*

Wake up man and rustle up some biscuits for us.

38. Dave in Texas - March 25, 2007

Damn. Are these fire ant bites?

How the hell did I sleep through that?

39. Lipstick - March 25, 2007

That bikini I brought over to show you guys? The only one that doesn’t make me look fat? Where did it go?


40. Moses - March 25, 2007

What? What’d I do now?

The MAN. He showed me how to do that.

41. lauraw - March 26, 2007

*finally comes up from the bottom of the pool*

Is he gone?

42. Dave in Texas - March 26, 2007

You’ve got some pretty impressive lungs.

I think he left with KC and Lipstick about an hour ago.

Frankly I’m worried about him.

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