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Ladies and Gentlemen March 24, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, Damn Dog.

Can I please have your attention?  I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you, to stop what you’re doing and listen.




Dave, who’s the Sheila in the sarong over there? 

Oh, hi, Hugh.  Say hi to Laura.  Big fan.

Beer’s in the washing machine, like always.



1. Melissa In Texas - March 24, 2007

Hugh Jackman
Dave darlin’, you made my night!

2. daveintexas - March 24, 2007

Just watch his hands. He’s a randy mofo.

3. Elzbth - March 25, 2007

Wait! Did I see a swimmng suit and black socks jump into that pool? *rubs eyes and replays video* Dave in Texas, tell me that wasn’t you!

4. Dave in Texas - March 25, 2007

That was Hugh.

He was wearing black socks and Bermuda shorts.

I hear that’s quite popular in Australia.

If it had been me, you wouldn’t have seen a swimming suit.

5. Nice Deb - March 26, 2007

Hi! Did I miss the pool party? Darn.

Who’s Hugh Jackson…seriously, I’m so out of it.

6. Dave in Texas - March 26, 2007

You are so out of it. Jackman. See X-Men.

But even though you are so out of it, you do have a pretty cool “Adios Mo-Fo” hat on the way for subscribing to the Dave in Texas Online Dating Service for Really Really Hot Peoples.

So you got that goin for you. Which is nice.

7. Nice Deb - March 26, 2007

Adios Mo-Fo? What happened to, “Don’t mess with Texas”? I’m not sure my husband will wear “Adios Mo-Fo”.

I may have to wear it. But not to church.

8. Dave in Texas - March 26, 2007

Adios mo-fo is a much better “Don’t mess with Texas” message.

9. vanhelsing - September 9, 2007

hi hugh jack man i am your fan iam an indian you are amazing in the movie van helsing

10. monica, españa - October 13, 2007

es muy guapo hugh jackman, he visto las tres partes de x-men y soy una gran fan

11. val - February 5, 2008

hola hugh jackman quisiera escribir que tu eres el hombre que hace las maejores peli, soy tu fan de los x-men, el gran truco y vangelsin eres un bombosito

12. sinan - February 18, 2008
13. Magdalena - March 3, 2008

you´re a very good actor and very handsome I´m uruguayan and almost nobody know you here. you have to visti Punta del Este in Uruguay is the best beach i nthe world come with me. Magda

14. vany - March 12, 2008

lo mas de lo mas !!! hermosoooooooo

15. Lya - March 26, 2008

Um grande beijo lindinhoooo !!!
Vc é d+ !!!

16. adriana - April 2, 2008

Hugh is the cutest man i ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he`s so sexy….

17. Nathalie - June 12, 2008

Juste pour te dire que j’aime beaucoups ce que tu fais ce qui n’est pas original.

18. Erick - August 27, 2008

Juck is Rock

19. Erick - August 27, 2008

Jack is Rock

20. adriana valerio - September 11, 2008

hola dejame decirte que eres un papasito te amo soy fan tuya y de los x – men chao cuidate miamocito

21. adriana valerio - September 11, 2008

y otra cosa que se me olvido si tienes correo me lo das por fa es que quiero hablar contigo chao

22. luciana - September 19, 2008

es hermoso es el hombre ideal

23. ALE - September 28, 2008

se nao fosse casado seria o homem ideal para mim!te acho muito lindo.

24. Maryjoe - October 26, 2008

Parabens Hugh por seu excelente trabalho,admiro-o muito,e apesar de estar no Brasil e ser brasileira,acompanho muito seu trabalho,bjsss
Quando estiver a toa e quiser trocar emails com uma fã de outro pais me escreva ok??? bjss

25. lauraw - February 7, 2009


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