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The Alamo Drafthouse March 21, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

Dinner.  Custom brew. and a movie.


It doesn’t get any better than this.

The Alamo Drafthouse has been an Austin attraction for lo these many years, serving up fine Texas fare, a variety of home brews, and the latest and greatest filmography (yes I made that up) to be viewed while faring and drinking.

Mighty fine stuff.

I recommend the Blazing Saddles BBQ.  And some shoot em up flick.

Dave says, four stars.  Check it out.


1. frecklescassie - March 21, 2007

I LOVE that place!!!

2. Meiguo Guizi (American Devil) - March 22, 2007

Hey DIT, what happened to Ace’s blog? No content is posted, like it was wiped clean. You know anything about this development? Did Wickedpinto take some exacting revenge or something?

3. lauraw - March 22, 2007

Dave, I had a totally bitchin’ facial last night. WITH a hand massage and heated mitts.

You could eat off my pores right now.

4. Dave in Texas - March 22, 2007

MG, check your email, I sent you a link. Dunno what’s goofed up at AoS.

Laura, you got the hand treatment AND a facial? oooooo. Oatmeal? I’ve been thinking about that one. Don’t tell nobody. That hand massage stuff totally rocks.

Bet you’re all purty today.

5. lauraw - March 22, 2007

When I walked in I was straight from work and feeling a bone chill from being outside for a few minutes. It was friggin’ cold yesterday.

She had me lie down between some sheets and blankets on a little Craftmatic bed that had a heat source in the lower back. I needed that.

She did two different kinds of mild cleanser, one smelled like mint tea and the other one like a creamsicle. Then she slathered moisturizer over my face and covered it with very hot towels. Twice.

Then she did the hand massage/ heated mitt thing, put some kind of a mask (maybe oatmeal, I don’t know) on my face and walked out of the room to let me stew. Then I fell asleep for a few minutes with the dreamy non-music music in the background on the heated Craftmatic bed and my warm hands and my face covered with aromatic stuff.

I woke up and she was wiping down my face again with warm towels, and then she gave me a delicious-smelling oil massage. Whatever she did to my temples and my forehead made every bone in my body turn to soft butter.

She did a couple other applications after that but I forget what they were. More lovely smelling stuff. Then toner. Moisturizer.

What a difference in the skin tone today. I wish I could afford to do this every week or so.

6. Dave in Texas - March 22, 2007


7. geoff - March 22, 2007

I think I need a cigarette.

8. Meiguo Guizi (American Devil) - March 22, 2007

Thanks Dave. All is well now…

and…ahem…what is this talk of hand massages and facials and “heated mitts”? You’d think this was a back ally in Hong Kong or something…me likey! Carry on.

9. cranky - March 22, 2007

geoff beat me to it and I don’t smoke anymore. But now I need one.

Ace would be noting the number of somethings at this point. Them two need to get a room.

10. lauraw - March 23, 2007

I don’t understand what’s so sexy.

11. kevlarchick - March 23, 2007

lauraw. I’m not aroused. But I am calling my salon.

12. lauraw - March 23, 2007

I really shouldn’t…but I want another one. Maybe in a week or two. This might become a regular thing. The Hell with it. I rarely do nice things for myself. Gonna make another appointment in two weeks.

This is all Dave’s fault, of course. If he hadn’t done the paraffin thing I wouldn’t be feeling so self-indulgent.

13. Dave in Texas - March 23, 2007

I don’t understand what’s so sexy

Perhaps it’s the idea of all that touching and massaging. Men usually consider that a warm up to boffing.

Or maybe it’s just the idea that when a woman feels pampered and pretty she’s approachable.

I don’t know. I’m a moron.

Oh, and as far as “it’s my fault”, you’re welcome. =)

14. lauraw - March 23, 2007


15. geoff - March 23, 2007

I don’t understand what’s so sexy.

Oh my. I’d explain but:

“You don’t know what it’s like when you’re alone and the sex rays hit!” [Flesh Gordon]

Can’t risk that again.

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