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Wild Turkey March 11, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events.

I attended the National Wild Turkey Federation banquet this past Thursday.

And got lucky.

Won this shotgun in a raffle


And won this auction print.  Puppies!


I’m lucky!



1. Barb the Evil Genius - March 11, 2007


2. geoff - March 11, 2007

I’m thinking you traded in something you didn’t want your wife to know about, and then came up with this “turkey raffle” story. I’ll have to remember that one:

“Have you been out with the boys?”

“Uh, no. I was at the turkey raffle!”

3. skinbad - March 12, 2007

Not bad. It would be better if the dogs were playing poker.

4. FANCY SWEDEN - March 12, 2007

WOW…I hold my hands up…But I’m not a Turkey…I’m nice…I promise…

5. Dave in Texas - March 12, 2007

Trust me, that was the only print up for auction that she would let me hang in the house.

I have a real pretty one of two hunters carrying in their turkeys from the field.

It’s in the garage.

6. Elzbth - March 12, 2007

Your lucky that you didn’t win a painting of card playing doggies on black velvet. I have a feeling that Mrs. Dave-in-Texas wouldn’t allow you to hang that one on the wall.

7. Barb the Evil Genius - March 12, 2007

My husband has a den for the stuff that I don’t want hung in the rest of the house. :)

8. compos mentis - March 13, 2007

Sweet over/under Dave. Congrats.

* This was my initial thought * Um, to each his/her own and all that, but I am having difficulty comprehending how your wife will not allow your “turkey hunters” painting in the main part of the house, yet your gun rests on a couch that looks like it belongs on the dilapidated porch of an old shack by the river.

* But then I thought, “How rude of me.” *

So what’s up with china patterned davenport, daventexas?

9. Dave in Texas - March 13, 2007

She picked out a perfectly good sofa and had the fabric tore off and replaced with something she picked out.

She gets what she wants cm.

It is purty though.

10. cranky - March 19, 2007

Sweet shotgun. Congratulations.

Puppy print is gorgeous too. Gotta love dogs.

11. The Mossberg « Innocent Bystanders - September 22, 2007

[…] Which is the second shotgun I’ve won this year. […]

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