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Boy, you’re gonna juggle those balls February 20, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in stuff.

Juggle those balls, a long time.

Chris Bliss.  Worth the watch.  He’s got ninja Beatles juggling skills.

CRAZY UPDATE: skinbad tells us about Jason Garfield, and juggling wars.

It’s not one take before an audience, but I think the boy has some talent, yeah.



1. skinbad - February 20, 2007

It is fun to watch. I half worked up a blog thingy on this guy awhile ago, but gave up. There’s another “bad-boy” juggler (Jason Garfield)who was very annoyed about the popularity of this act. Kind of hilarious. Garfield did a much harder routine to the same music to show how much better he is. He is better, but knowing he’s doing it just to be pissy takes the fun out of it. Info here (if anyone cares):


2. FANCY - February 21, 2007

This BOMBOM…with this balls…is that what you do before breakfast?…*LOL*…

3. geoff - February 21, 2007

What a fun rivalry. Garfield’s mimicry of Bliss’s routine was cutting, but very funny.

4. FANCY - February 21, 2007

Hi’ Dave!
You have a debate with question in museart in the post “Brainstorm”
Can you please come in. You have started something good here.

5. Anna-Lys - February 21, 2007

Ohhh there You are :-)

You are needed here –>


(( Hugs ))

6. skinbad - February 21, 2007

One of the ‘serious’ juggling dudes said this vid is the one that floors him.

I thought Juggling HQ (formerly Monkey Airport) should have the scoop.

7. geoff - February 21, 2007

Great shots there, skinbad. So do you juggle? I can do the standard three balls thing, though I’m out of practice. Mebbe if we have some sort of IB/AoSHQ gathering you can give me some pointers on the next stage.

8. skinbad - February 22, 2007

I’m a pathetic 3 ball juggler. My vaudeville creds are worse than that. I used to do magic shows for birthday parties. (Keep it on the down-low. Monkey Airport is a good place for secrets.)

9. kevlarchick - February 22, 2007

I think juggling is a genetic ability. All five boys in my husband’s family can juggle, and my son can too.

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