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Alabama’s bald eagle population booms February 12, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Current Events, stuff.

Hell, I was born there, and spent (almost) the first 10 years of my life there.

I didn’t even know bald eagles lived in Alabama.

Now, War Eagles, they’re overrun with em (disclosure, my father is an Auburn graduate, and that’s where I was born).

Anyway, they have some, and they seem to be doing well



1. lauraw - February 12, 2007

Oh what amazing animals.

Hubby and I discovered a nesting pair on one of our jaunts shoreside of the CT River. They hadn’t been seen in our area inland in many many years.

The male was mature (with the white head and tail feathers) and quite imposing. We walked under the branch he was sitting on, and even forty feet up he looked just impossibly big for a bird. The other bird was not as remarkable in size, with patchy-looking brown plumage. Not sure if that was the female or the immature offspring.

We found some feathers on the dunes and kept them.
Later, that area was cordoned off, which is what typically happens when a new pair is found someplace and they don’t want people to pester the site.

Couple years later, an enormous male bald eagle swooped low through our yard while I was sitting by the pond. Damnedest thing, he was probably 100 feet away and his wingspread was alarming!

Since then I’ve seen them quite often way, way up in the sky. You can tell a Bald Eagle in a distant soar because they are the only raptor around here that doesn’t have any angle or kink in his wings. Looks like a flat wooden board soaring through the air.

2. cranky - February 13, 2007

You’re gonna draw in that Beth woman with that Roll Tide stuff iffen you keep mentioning War Eagle.

Bumper Sticker following Iron Bowl two years ago: Honk if you sacked Brodie

Can I get a War Eagle?

3. Dave in Texas - February 14, 2007

War Damn Eagle.

or Raw Eagle, depending on the breaks.

4. cranky - February 14, 2007


5. Shae - February 15, 2007

well i live in alabama and i’ve never seen an eagle of any kind

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