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Good news from Iraq January 25, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in terrorist hemorrhoids.

Kicking the Mahdi “army”.

30 mike-mike.

I like that.



1. Steve B - January 25, 2007

As we in the biz like to say…


2. cranky - January 25, 2007

Love it. Stormy70 is over there having a “When Harry Met Sally” moment.

3. Wickedpinto - January 26, 2007

Looked AWESOME!!

But 30MM cannons, aren’t those the exclusive teritory of Warthogs?

Those were clearly chopers, who might have 20 MM cannons, and shortwing missles. Thats what it looked like.

I’ve been out of the game for a long time, but I’m almost possitive that only AC’s have 30 Mike mikes.

4. Wickedpinto - January 26, 2007

I can’t remember the specific armament, I don’t watch or read military style books anymore, is 30 mike mike the knew calibration of the “side missiles” or whatever they are called on apache’s and cobra’s?

I think they USED to be 3 1/2″ now I think we use smaller missiles with the same warhead, so does 30 Mike Mike refer to the missiles? They looked guided, I don’t think such small warheads are individually guided. The hellfire, and the . . . . whatever it’s called are not area denial, or area affect weapons, they are Target weapons, (tanks) so. . .

I don’t know what to think about that video. LOVED the visual, but did the narrator know what he was talking about? or am I that far out of practice?

5. KOOLRYD - January 31, 2007

The narrator knew; he’s livin’ it Man! the 30mm chaingun he’s talkin’ about is on the belly front of the AH-64A or D Apache. It is disgnated as an area weapon, but through extensive R&D has evolved into a near “point” weapon. (actuate!). That’s the “Tat, Tat,Tat” sound you hear. The flashes you see and the explosions are from 2.75″ rockets either single or pair firings.

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