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There January 16, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Damn Dog, guitarsrockandroll, honor.

Big deal.  These things are everywhere dude.




1. cranky - January 16, 2007

Dave, that sucks.

2. Anna-Lys - January 17, 2007

… and it do it well!

3. FANCY SWEDEN - January 17, 2007

That thing I need just know my just quit…*L*..
sorry I was lieving my comment in the post before…*s*

If you dont are impressive…*L*…What will a girl think`?…Size 10…*LOL*…

4. Anna-Lys - January 17, 2007

Guess it worked OK Dave ;-)
You do anything for visitors, don’t You?

5. Dave in Texas - January 17, 2007

Oh you have no idea. I’m shameless.

6. Anna-Lys - January 17, 2007


… had to come back … forgot my dog in here ;-)


7. kevlarchick - January 17, 2007

Ummm. What is it?

8. pajama momma - January 17, 2007

Am I gonna look stupid if I ask what it is considering my dh’s occupation and all?

9. Dave in Texas - January 17, 2007

It’s Little Geek.

The leaf sucker upper.

10. Anna-Lys - January 17, 2007

I am surprised … didn’t know you could spell the E-word ;-)

11. Dave in Texas - January 17, 2007

what e word?

12. Stormy70 - January 18, 2007

I want one of those! Will it work in the bathtub?

13. daveintexas - January 18, 2007

certainly. if it can handle the cement pond, it can handle your tub.

14. pajama momma - January 18, 2007

That would be so nice in the tub after my kids get out.

15. Michael - January 18, 2007

Once again, all the chicks are showing up here.

Just remember, Dave, pool-blogging was my idea! I made you, dude.

16. daveintexas - January 18, 2007

I can’t explain it dude. I think it’s the Hai Karate.

17. lauraw - January 18, 2007

Dave, you’re looking quite handsome this evening.

Oh, hi, COUGHMichaelCOUGH.

*looks studiously at landscaping around pool and avoids eye contact*

18. pajama momma - January 18, 2007

Everybody’s here because Dave’s swimming in a speedo again.

19. Anna-Lys - January 19, 2007

the e-word was Equality

20. kevlarchick - January 19, 2007

We all want to ride his geek.

21. Dave in Texas - January 19, 2007

Why thank you Laura. And may I say that’s quite a lovely sarong you are wearing. Very floral.

Goodness, ladies shall I open another bottle of wine, and perhaps turn on the spa?

22. lauraw - January 19, 2007

Oh, this old thing?

*hair toss*

Another cup of wine sounds lovely. How about a toast from the host?

23. Dave in Texas - January 19, 2007

Certainly. Cups everyone, here you go, there you are…

*ahem* I raise my glass to these lovely ladies, who charm us all with their presence. Their beauty and grace are abundant, and we are all… oops, I mean I am a better man for their company.


Oh, and to my newest, bestest friend Marco at the Carvin Custom Shop.

Make it a good one buddy. Fly, fly like the wind!

24. pajama momma - January 19, 2007

Laura and Dave you two are smooth. I could only dream.
Anyhoo. Can I have another margarita please?
Extra salt on the rocks.

25. Dave in Texas - January 19, 2007

But of course!

26. Lipstick - January 19, 2007

Sorry I’m late to the party.

Is there any wine left?

27. Dave in Texas - January 20, 2007

Fashionably late, but not before we ran out of wine.

Bring your suit?

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