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Winter in Central Texas January 15, 2007

Posted by daveintexas in Pool Blogging, stuff, Texas.

Kinda pretty.  More stuff supposedly tonight and tomorrow, but this stuff is notoriously hard to predict here.








1. Pupster - January 15, 2007


2. cranky - January 15, 2007

Be careful driving in that stuff. And throw some weight in the bed of your truck. It will help your traction.

It is pretty though.

3. Myron - January 16, 2007

We were supposed to get some of it in Houston. Didn’t even freeze last night. But for the last 2 days you’d think hell was about to freeze over if you watched our local news. On all channels. The weather dudes giving dour predictions of what MIGHT happen. Talking heads repeating the same old crap they repeat every winter. Homeless are going to freeze, be careful with space heaters, don’t pour hot water on frozen windshields, protect the 3 P’s. You know pets, pipes and plants.

4. BrewFan - January 16, 2007

Looks a lot like late spring. lol!

5. Wickedpinto - January 17, 2007

I remember visiting my brother at cocoa beach (he was AF at the time) and we had to drive from ABOUT “chicago” to cocoa beach during the january of 1991 or 1992 I can’t recall specificaly, and Florada had a “major frost” which killed off a lot of the citris crop. It was beautiful to seee with the bright sun, but it was TERRIFYING! since we had to climb an iced over bridge, using OUR car, to make contact with the car in front of us, who was making contact with the car infront of them, and we were held in place by the car behind us, and then spin our wheels until our tires ate through enough ice to get traction, and push the cars ahead of us, and waiting for the car behind us to do the same, as the car ahead of us did as well.

I was TERRIFIED and shaking, actually, I think it might have been 89.

Cars frighten me, so do planes, but not nearly as much as cars.

6. Wickedpinto - January 19, 2007

Random quick story.

I never flew before and I was flying to florida to visit my brother.

My mom was a wreck, cuz I was traveling on my own (not a new thing, but I think she has a distrust of airlines) my father and I were cool.

I asked pops what moms was crying about, and he said something like, (I’m totaly paraphrasing this) “Mom thinks you are gonna die in a plane crash,” me, “well I might” him, “but not likely. Kid?(he always called me, still does, call me ‘kid’) If you were driving, I would be worried until you called me from florida, if you were on a boat I would be worried until you called me from florida, but you are flying, I’m not too worried.”

I thought about it for a second and I said “that doesn’t make any sense, cuz if I have an accident while flying i’m probably gonna die.”

“thats the point kid, if you drive, I know you can walk, and I would worry and hope for you every day until we found your body, I know you can walk. If you were on a boat, I know you can swim, so if that ship sank, I would spend every second worrying that you might show up on some beach after having swam back from the boat, but kid? No offense? when it comes to an airplane, I know you can’t fly. all I can do is hope that you land, and if you don’t I will know before you call or don’t call me.”

A cold blooded observation, but completely rational.

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